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Babylon 5: Grey 17 is Missing

Garibaldi makes a discovery about Grey 17 and Delenn takes over leadership of the rangers. Neroon objects, strongly.

Sheridan is actively recruiting telepaths, but is having trouble finding enough. He charges Ivanova with going to Franklin and getting his records from the underground telepath railroad. Franklin isn’t doing so good – withdrawal from stims has caught up with him and he doesn’t want to be bothered until he has figured himself out so he gives everything needed to retrieve his telepath information and in exchange he wants to be left alone.

Meanwhile, the rangers need a new leader and Ratheen tells Delenn she is the best choice and the one the rangers would follow. He brushes all Delenns’ objections aside. In the end Delenn agrees. Unfortunately, Neroon (and probably other elements of the warrior caste) don’t like this at all and Neroon tells Delenn he will stop her from becoming Entil-zah at any cost. Delenn does tell Lennier about this, but while she does take Neroon’s threat seriously she also can’t believe he would kill her since no Minbari has killed another Minbari for a thousand years. Lennier wants to tell Sheridan, but Delenn makes him promise not to. Lennier gets around this by telling Marcus instead. Yeah, gotta love Minbari logic. Lennier will find Neroon’s location and Marcus will delay him long enough for Delenn to become Entil-zah. Marcus does delay Neroon, but in the end it really is no match – Neroon is the better fighter. However, Neroon does stop. Why? Because a human was willing to die for a Minbari. Marcus is much the worse for wear after the fight but he will survive, though Delenn is distressed this happened. And I think for the first time, we hear Neroon laugh when he talks with Marcus in sickbay. Yeah, Marcus could make anyone laugh.

This last part of the story involves Mr. Garibaldi. There is a report that a maintenance guy is missing, so Garibaldi goes investigating. To put it shortly, he finds a missing level that has been cleverly hidden (Grey 17) and after getting tranked, wakes up with his comlink and gun missing. He finds the level has been taken over by a kind of religious cult headed by a very philosophical guy named Jeremiah. Garibaldi tricks Jeremiah into being alone, fights a monster, and manages to get out in one piece. Okay, I like philosophy, but this part was not the best part of the episode, though Jeremiah was an interesting character.

Yeah Franklin, getting off Stims is hard to do.


Okay Garibaldi, going into Grey 17 by yourself isn’t the smartest thing you’ve ever done.


Meet Jeremiah, self philosopher and proclaimed prophet of Grey 17.


Marcus v. Neroon. An uneven match, but that’s not the point. Protecting Delenn from Neroon is.


Becoming Entil-Zha.



Babylon 5 JMS Script Book #4

We get some very memorable episodes in this edition, including And Now For a Word, In the Shadow of Za’ha’dum, Confessions and Lamentations, Divided Loyalties, The Long Twilight Struggle, and Comes the Inquisitor. Yeah, JMS was definitely ramping everything up at the end of season two to lead into season three. Only one more episode is left to the season, after which anyone who has been paying attention realizes that the Babylon project has failed but is evolving into something new to face what is coming both at home and abroad. As for what is included in the book besides these wonderful scripts, JMS introduces us to the people who made Babylon 5 happen cast wise. He tells us who they are, what their job was, and what they did to make this show come together. There is also a nice tribute to Richard Biggs who played Dr. Franklin and who passed away shortly before this volume was released. As a special bonus, there is an episode named Festival that was not even half way completed because it wasn’t working. Yeah, going with The Parlament of Dreams was a much better way of dealing with religion in the end – the final scene especially was quite powerful – though some of the jokes and gags in Festival about religion were pretty funny. The non-religious part of the story had potential and it is a pity JMS was never able to bring in Mr. Jones into the series. Well, you can’t have everything. All in all, another must have for fans.

To Dream in the City of Sorrows

Two in one day!

This is perhaps my favorite Babylon 5 novel of all time, and why not? We get very little about what happened to Sinclair between the time he leaves Babylon 5 for Minbar and returns to take Babylon 4 into the past. What ever happened to Catherine Sakai and the history of Marcus Cole are also questions every fan wants to know and we get those questions answered in To Dream in the City of Sorrows. Sinclair is frustrated and has to push the issue to get answers about what the Minbari want with him, and he is surprised by the answer. Fate seems to want to keep Cathrine separated from Jeff, but that doesn’t stop her from getting to Minbar. And when Marcus’ younger brother William appears on the family mining station, Marcus can’t believe what his brother has to tell him – until events tragically prove William right. Can Sinclair become Entil’za as the Minbari (well most of them) want and still retain what makes himself human? Oh, and we meet our second Vorlon to this point chronologically, and Ulrich is no Kosh.

Babylon 5: Walkabout

Gasp! Is it really an episode update? Yes! The screenshot problem has a solution of sorts. We’ll have to see how well it holds and how much time I have for this.

Franklin meets a singer Downbelow, the new Vorlon ambassador arrives, and Sheridan decides to do a real life experiment with the Shadows.

So the new Vorlon ambassador arrives. He is definitely a Vorlon and definitely different from Kosh, although he will in effect pretend to be Kosh up to taking Kosh’s name to keep the newly formed alliance from fracturing. Lyta also is back. Kosh and Lyta both seem anxious to see if anyone was with the real Kosh during his last moments – it seems the Vorlons can put pieces of themselves in others. Unfortunately no one was there but Mr. Morden and his associates. The new Kosh isn’t to gentle when he interrogates Lyta. Well, Lyta asks the captain about what he knows and he tells her, including the fact that Kosh was in his mind once. Then Lyta thinks she hears Kosh for a moment.

Sheridan, however, has other worries and plans. What Garibaldi discovered suggests telepaths may be able to block Shadow ships, so Sheridan wants to test this by going into hyperspace and jumping out at the next Shadow attack. This is also a good chance to see what it takes to kill a Shadow ship. The war counsel, over Sheridan’s objections, insists he tack back up, both in fire power and telepathic power. He already asked Lyta to help. Since a Narn heavy cruiser is there helping to protect Babylon 5 (which fact Londo is not happy about), G’Kar talks to the captain of that ship about helping with the mission, but the captain doesn’t want to. This infuriates Garibaldi who shames G’Kar into helping anyway. So the White Star detects a Shadow attack and jumps out of hyperspace. Lyta tries to block the ship but at first can’t. When Sheridan touches her, she sees what happened to Kosh and she gets mad enough to stop the Shadow ship in its tracks. The White Star has to take off the jump engines to do it, but it destroys the Shadow ship. Unfortunately, it got out a call to help and four more Shadow ships arrive before the jump engines are back on line. The Minbari escort jumps to normal space and the telepaths are able to stop three of the Shadow ships but the fourth is still on the rampage. Just before the White Star is about to be destroyed, the Narn heavy cruiser jumps out. It with the White Star take care of one Shadow ship. Then another jump point opens and half the league seems to be there, thanks to G’kar. Lyta thinks she hears Kosh again so when everyone gets back to Babylon 5 she tells the new Kosh that she thinks a piece of his predecessor might be in someone else.

Meanwhile, Franklin is on walkabout. When Garibaldi corners him (Franklin hadn’t been in his quarters for several days) Franklin says basically he is trying to find himself since he has no idea who he is any more besides a doctor. He sees a lady, Caitlyn, singing in a bar Downbelow and the two hit it off. Caitlyn has a theory about how you can see a person’s soul if you catch the reflection in a glass just right. The two spend the night together. Franklin thinks Caitlyn could do much better for herself and wishes there was something he could do. Caitlyn asks for a strong prescription drug which Franklin feels an obligation not to help with. After Franklin is asleep, Caitlyn “borrows” his identicard to get the drug and she awakens him by collapsing after her return. Franklin gets her to Medlab and the doctors there give her the exact drug she used Franklin’s card to get. It seems she has a terminal neural illness and that drug is one of the few things that keeps the pain away. Dr. Franklin didn’t know about this since she was diagnosed before his arrival and then she disappeared. Caitlyn decided to spend her remaining days singing to the people in Downbelow since they need hope. Franklin orders anything Caitlyn needs. He sees her sing once more then goes on walkabout again.

Ah, the assumptions people make, ie Franklin about Caitlyn. Poor Lyta. If she knew she was getting a new boss so soon, I’m not sure she would have agreed to be the assistant to the Vorlon ambassador.

Welcome new Vorlon ambassador.


The new Kosh doesn’t seem nearly as . . . friendly. Lyta would agree.


Sorry captain, the war counsel can over rule you.


Meet Cailyn, a wonderful singer with a sad secret. Three cheers for her attitude in spite of that.


Garibaldi wants G’Kar to live up to what is in the book of G’Quan.


When Lyta’s mad, even Shadows are scared.


Reinforcements! Even Shadows don’t want to fight everyone all at once.


Franklin’s fractured soul.