Babylon 5 JMS Script Book #4

We get some very memorable episodes in this edition, including And Now For a Word, In the Shadow of Za’ha’dum, Confessions and Lamentations, Divided Loyalties, The Long Twilight Struggle, and Comes the Inquisitor. Yeah, JMS was definitely ramping everything up at the end of season two to lead into season three. Only one more episode is left to the season, after which anyone who has been paying attention realizes that the Babylon project has failed but is evolving into something new to face what is coming both at home and abroad. As for what is included in the book besides these wonderful scripts, JMS introduces us to the people who made Babylon 5 happen cast wise. He tells us who they are, what their job was, and what they did to make this show come together. There is also a nice tribute to Richard Biggs who played Dr. Franklin and who passed away shortly before this volume was released. As a special bonus, there is an episode named Festival that was not even half way completed because it wasn’t working. Yeah, going with The Parlament of Dreams was a much better way of dealing with religion in the end – the final scene especially was quite powerful – though some of the jokes and gags in Festival about religion were pretty funny. The non-religious part of the story had potential and it is a pity JMS was never able to bring in Mr. Jones into the series. Well, you can’t have everything. All in all, another must have for fans.


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