Babylon 5: Grey 17 is Missing

Garibaldi makes a discovery about Grey 17 and Delenn takes over leadership of the rangers. Neroon objects, strongly.

Sheridan is actively recruiting telepaths, but is having trouble finding enough. He charges Ivanova with going to Franklin and getting his records from the underground telepath railroad. Franklin isn’t doing so good – withdrawal from stims has caught up with him and he doesn’t want to be bothered until he has figured himself out so he gives everything needed to retrieve his telepath information and in exchange he wants to be left alone.

Meanwhile, the rangers need a new leader and Ratheen tells Delenn she is the best choice and the one the rangers would follow. He brushes all Delenns’ objections aside. In the end Delenn agrees. Unfortunately, Neroon (and probably other elements of the warrior caste) don’t like this at all and Neroon tells Delenn he will stop her from becoming Entil-zah at any cost. Delenn does tell Lennier about this, but while she does take Neroon’s threat seriously she also can’t believe he would kill her since no Minbari has killed another Minbari for a thousand years. Lennier wants to tell Sheridan, but Delenn makes him promise not to. Lennier gets around this by telling Marcus instead. Yeah, gotta love Minbari logic. Lennier will find Neroon’s location and Marcus will delay him long enough for Delenn to become Entil-zah. Marcus does delay Neroon, but in the end it really is no match – Neroon is the better fighter. However, Neroon does stop. Why? Because a human was willing to die for a Minbari. Marcus is much the worse for wear after the fight but he will survive, though Delenn is distressed this happened. And I think for the first time, we hear Neroon laugh when he talks with Marcus in sickbay. Yeah, Marcus could make anyone laugh.

This last part of the story involves Mr. Garibaldi. There is a report that a maintenance guy is missing, so Garibaldi goes investigating. To put it shortly, he finds a missing level that has been cleverly hidden (Grey 17) and after getting tranked, wakes up with his comlink and gun missing. He finds the level has been taken over by a kind of religious cult headed by a very philosophical guy named Jeremiah. Garibaldi tricks Jeremiah into being alone, fights a monster, and manages to get out in one piece. Okay, I like philosophy, but this part was not the best part of the episode, though Jeremiah was an interesting character.

Yeah Franklin, getting off Stims is hard to do.


Okay Garibaldi, going into Grey 17 by yourself isn’t the smartest thing you’ve ever done.


Meet Jeremiah, self philosopher and proclaimed prophet of Grey 17.


Marcus v. Neroon. An uneven match, but that’s not the point. Protecting Delenn from Neroon is.


Becoming Entil-Zha.



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