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Babylon 5: Shadow Dancing

It’s the battle we’ve all been waiting for as Sheridan goes head-to-head with the Shadows. Meanwhile, Franklin must finally come to grips with himself.

Delenn works at getting the League of Non-Aligned Worlds to contribute ships to a fleet that will attack the Shadows. Sheridan knows the Shadows have been drive the younger races to one spot, then demoralize them by flattening them there, but he needs someone on location to alert the rest of the fleet. Ivanova and Marcus are sent out in the White Star. Gotta love Minbari beds, by the way, though I don’t think Ivanova would agree^^; And nice going Marcus, saying something romantic in Minbari then translating it as something much more mundane^^; There is a smaller Shadow ship, similar to the White Star in size, that arrives in the area Ivanova and Marcus are watching. The good news is the White Star hasn’t been detected yet. The bad news, the moon they were behind soon moves and they are found out. The White Star does manage to destroy the ship, but not before being damaged by an attempted ram by the other ship. Engines, normal and jump, are off line. That, of course, is when the Shadow fleet arrives. The White Star decides to signal their fleet. Soon, the Shadow fleet spots them. That is when the Alliance fleet jumps in. Engines are back on line, and the battle is engaged with Sheridan and Delenn directing things from a Minbari cruiser. They manage to force the Shadow fleet to retreat, but with heavy losses.

Meanwhile, Franklin is still on Walkabout. He spots some guy getting hurt by some thugs and in trying to help he gets knifed in the stomach. The thugs retreat and the guy he was trying to help refuses to do anything since he’s a criminal and would be arrested. Franklin can’t get out of where he is. This is the point when he finally finds himself again and has a conversation with himself. His alter ego isn’t too pleased Franklin saying he runs away from everything. In spite of this, Franklin decides he wants to live and do better and somehow manages to find the strength to climb out. He is soon found and taken to Med-bay.

While the wounded are tended too and things cleaned up, Sheridan and company have to wonder what the Shadows will do next. His dream from Kosh in  All Alone in the Night starts to make sense, but what does it really mean? A single Shadow vessel moves through hyperspace. Meanwhile, Franklin has a new perspective and appreciation on life and is already helping out as much as his still injured and weakened body will allow. Sheridan of course gives him his job back. Then Sheridan leaves to spend a night asleep while Delenn watches for his true face. That is when Babylon 5 gets an unexpected visitor – Anna Sheridan, the captain’s wife who is supposed to be dead.

Between Franklin and the war, Garibaldi has lots to worry about.


Ivanova and Marcus don’t like the number of Shadow ships they see.


Franklin fights to live.


Sheridan and Delenn contemplate the price of battle.


Look who just showed up? Meet Anna Sheridan.



Babylon 5 JMS Script Book #5

Ah, in this book we finish off season 2 and start season 3. This includes some wonderful episodes, including: The Fall of Night, Matters of Honor, A Day in the Strife, Passing Through Gethsemane, Messages from Earth, and Dust to Dust. I shouldn’t put it this way, but it is so fun to see the threads of fate squeeze tighter and tighter around our heroes . . . We get the demise of Keffer, the introduction of Marcus, and the atmosphere on set. Finally, we get treated to some preliminary notes on season three from the office of JMS. Another must have book for hardcore fans!

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot this! Arguably the most memorable and touching part of this script book are the reflections of JMS on Richard Biggs, Dr. Stephen Franklin on Babylon 5, who had passed away shortly before volume four came out. Richard Biggs, farewell. You will be missed.

Babylon 5: And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

Sheridan tries to unravel the Shadow’s strategy while visitors of a religious nature come to the station. Londo plots to get G’Kar to return to Narn.

Four religious representatives visit Babylon 5. The one who seems to be their unofficial leader, Reverend Will Dexter, seems to be an old acquaintance of Brother Theo’s – the two bicker like old friends. Sheridan’s been spending a lot of time in the War Room lately trying to figure out what the Shadows are up to, but he’s getting worn down. After a discussion of strategy and words at the same time Delenn gets Sheridan to promise to have dinner with these religious representatives, playing the trump card of Minbari honor^^; At the dinner we find these clerics are part of the resistance back on Earth and came to Babylon 5 to deliver accurate information about what is really going on back home. Later, Sheridan is spending a long night trying to get stuff done and has a heart to heart with Reverand Dexter, who convinces it’s okay for him to unburden and share the load occasionally. Sheridan does that with Delenn which makes him feel better, though no new ideas are immediately present. However, the conversation leads him to study the seemingly random Shadow attacks in a new way. The Shadows haven’t hit the area around Babylon 5 yet because people are fleeing there. When they do attack, the result on moral will be exponentially bad. However, Sheridan makes an injudicious remark about how it’s what he would do in the Shadow’s position and Delenn decides he needs a break. Desperately. Where better to have a break than at the services Reverend Dextor has arranged, complete with gospel singing? Later, Delenn takes Sheridan out to show him a surprise – a fleet of White Star ships. The forces of Light are now as ready as they will ever be to fight the Shadows. And we get Sheridan and Delenn’s first kiss:) Well, Delenn’s first kiss with Sheridan at least. Sheridan already had his first kiss with Delenn back in War Without End^^;

But this episode is owned by Londo and G’Kar. Londo wants to deal with G’Kar and he wants to do it now. He tells Vir to tell G’Kar that Na’Toth, whom we haven’t heard from since the fall of Narn, is being held prisoner under the building that used to house the Kah’ri. Since it is full of catacombs and G’Kar is the only member of the Kah’ri free, he is the only one who can supposedly save her. Vir doesn’t want to and at first refuses, but Londo blackmails Vir, threatening to let out the truth regarding Vir’s activities on Mimbar. So Vir does and Londo says. Meanwhile, Lord Refa and and a high ranking official from Centauri Prime arrive. Londo and Refa both snipe at the other to this minister when the other isn’t there. The fact is, the competition between their two houses is starting to tear the government apart. The Emperor doesn’t care how it ends, just that it ends. Londo says he will prove his worth to the Emperor above that of Refa or his house. Vir is incensed that Londo would use G’Kar like this. Some how Refa learns that Vir knows Londo’s plans and he kidnaps Vir. Vir doesn’t respond to bribery so Refa has a telepath take Londo’s plans from Vir’s mind. Eventually Vir is rescued by Londo and Vir is worried. G’Kar gets Garibaldi to have the Rangers sneak him onto Narn. Once there, he and others head through the catacombs under the government buildings but are surrounded by Refa’s people. However, G’Kar then shows  message from Londo. Londo wants Refa bad for the murder of his love Adira, among other things. He could kill Refa back on Babylon 5 or Centauri Prime but Londo wants to ruin Refa. To get G’Kar’s cooperation, he gave documents to the Narn detailing Refa’s involvement in some of the worst crimes against Narns, including authorizing the use of weapons of mass destruction. To ensure G’Kar’s cooperation, Londo has already freed a large number of Narn who are political prisoners. More will be freed when Refa is dead. Incriminating evidence is left to be found on Refa, and to put it shortly the Narn make quick work of him. With Refa dead and disgraced and his house ruined, the competition between the two houses is over. If you thought Vir was upset about betraying G’Kar, that is nothing to what Vir feels when he finds out how Londo used him.

Of special note is the juxtaposition of the gospel singing and Refa trying to get away from the Narn, with the gospel song playing throughout. It really is wrong to laugh, but the contrast is so . . . striking . . . I couldn’t help it.

Meet Reverend Will Dexter of the Baptist persuasion and Brother Theo’s “nemesis”.


Poor Vir has something to tell G’Kar that he doesn’t want to say.


Vir just can’t get a break this episode. First betraying G’Kar, now having his mind rummaged through.


Lord Refa laughed too soon. Never go up against both Londo and G’Kar – you’ll lose.


Delenn’s present to Sheridan: a fleet of White Star ships, and just in time.