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Babylon 5: Za’ha’dum

First a quick note. We have the holidays coming up and I am also in a play that is running until January. Given this I don’t know how many episodes I will be able to do between now and then. I am still slowly working my way through the script books. If I don’t write again until January, have a wonderful holiday season!

Anna Sheridan comes back at the worst possible time and she invites John Sheridan to come back to Za’ha’dum with her to learn the truth behind the Shadow War. The results are explosive.

Wow. Just as John and Delenn are spending their night together – a Minbari ritual, not anything bad – Anna arrives. Well to say the least John is shocked and upset and who can blame him? Anna agrees to go through any test he wants to prove her identity so she is sent to Dr. Franklin. Meanwhile, John confronts Delenn. Okay, so in all fairness Delenn had no reason to believe Anna would be alive, but I don’t think she ever checked either. Anna wants John to go back with her to Za’ha’dum to meet the Shadows and find out what the war is really all about. In the end he agrees if Anna tells about what happened with the Icarus. Anna says there was an accident and most of the crew were killed and also it destroyed their communications. So plans are made to go to Za’ha’dum. However Dr. Franklin’s report on Anna has something – she has scars where the implants on the telepaths who were going to be put in Shadow vessels were. John knows something is up and he gets Garibaldi to help him with his plans, ones Anna doesn’t know about. Once at Za’ha’dum, John is introduced to Justin and it isn’t surprising Mr. Morden is there as well. They say the Vorlons and the Shadows were left behind to shepherd the younger races, but they couldn’t agree on how to do it: the Vorlons being the lords of order and the Shadows the lords of chaos. They want John to join them willingly since he has the ability to lead whole worlds the same direction he goes, but they are getting his cooperation in any way or else they will cut off his support system: Babylon 5. Right on cue, the Shadows appear and surround Babylon 5. However John has no intention of cooperating after what they did to Anna – putting her in their ships destroyed her personality and even though everything else is the same she isn’t the same person any more. He escapes to a ledge over an abyss and calls down the White Star with two nukes on it. Before it hits, Kosh tells him to jump and he does. Then the capital of the Shadows is destroyed in a rather lovely explosion. John left a message for Delenn telling her about his plans and how he knows this is a trap and that he loves her. Delenn is heartbroken. The Shadows leave Babylon 5 alone, but Ivanova somehow knows what is happening. And Garibaldi who went out with the fighters is missing . . .

John is mad and Delenn is sad. Not surprising given that Anna is back.


Smug Mr. Morden.


The man in the middle: meet Justin.


Staring into the abyss.


Goodbye, John.


Anna doesn’t approve of John’s use of nukes.