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Babylon 5 JMS Script Book #6

I appoligize. I am sorry it has taken me so long to do a post. Things have been crazy (long story) and it isn’t going to stop for a bit. However, I have finished this script book, so on to the fun.

First of, this script book contains another 7 episodes in script form, and not just any scripts – the center of the B5 story. This includes Messages from Earth, Point of No Return, and the Emmy award winning Severed Dreams among others. He tells the story of the passing of Andreas Katsulas who played G’Kar, the widow of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry guest starring on B5, why General Hague died, a call from the Pentagon, and more B5 synchronicities. As a bonus, we get photos and memos detailing the making of the season 4 opening.

The fact that this is the book that talks about Andreas Katsulas makes this the volume to have if you can just have one.