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Babylon 5 JMS Script Book #7

First of all, life is starting to gravitate to something approaching normal. I know, I know, normal is a subjective concept anyway. So I have high hopes of being able to regularly blog some episodes for you guys. In the mean time, I’m done with another script book:)

In this script book we are treated to several wonderful items. First and foremost, there are scripts for a number of powerful episodes, including “Interludes & Examinations”, “War Without End” I & II, and “And the Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place”. We get some lovely photos from the JMS archive, a few of which are more revealing than usual. We also get the low down on all the jokes that went on behind the scenes at the studio while Babylon 5 was being produced. Lyta’s lingerie was infamous. Then there was the torture Andreas and Peter put JMS through at a convention. Then poor Jason at one point thought he wasn’t going to survive past Grey 17 is Missing. We get some pointers on editing, using some B5 episodes as examples. We get the return of Michael O’Hare’s Jeff Sinclair finally! JMS also tells us about the personal story behind the idea of the Walkabout.