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Babylon 5 JMS Script Book #8

Not only do we get some of the best episodes of the series: Shadow Dancing, Za’ha’dum, The Hour of the Wolf, Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi, the Summoning, Falling Toward Apotheosis, and The Long Night, we get several other goodies as well.

We get several stories of JMS taking physical action against would be thieves. We get the story of how Babylon 5 almost ended because of an accounting error. We get the story how they got Melissa Gilbert, Bruce Boxliner’s wife, to play Anna Sheridan. We are shown an example of how Harlan Ellison helped the show.  We get some insight into what JMS’s life was like at the time, and have to wonder, how did he get through this?

We are also treated to some lovely memos describing the direction season 4 would go in, and we get lots of lovely concept art, including one color one on the back cover. More color ones on the remaining back covers as well. Much ended up being changed between the time the concept art was done and the time the show finally went into production, but it is amazing to see how much was still used in one form or another.


Babylon 5: Hour of the Wolf

Yep, I’m back! Since the craziness is now over, I hope to soon get on a schedule! In the mean time, enjoy!

Londo returns to Centauri Prime and does not like what he finds there at all. Ivanova, Delenn, and Lyta risk themselves to try and find John Sheridan at Za’ha’dum.

No one has taken the loss of John Sheridan at Za’ha’dum harder than Ivanova – except maybe Delenn, who refuses to eat. And there is still the question of what happened to Mr. Garibaldi. And the alliance Sheridan spent so much effort putting together is falling apart. When Delenn confronts “Kosh” about why he has remained uninvolved when he could help, it is quite unconcerned. I think Lyta is getting scared of this “Kosh”. She knows “Kosh” and the Vorlon are up to something. Meanwhile, Vir, thanks to Londo’s contacts among the Shadows, confirms some of what happened at Za’ha’dum, leaving little hope for the captain. Lyta, however, has an idea. She suggests they take a White Star and try to contact the captain. Even if conventional methods don’t work, since the original Kosh had touched both Lyta and Sheridan, Lyta has a chance of sensing the captain. Ivanova jumps at the chance. Delenn naturally comes as well. They try everything – using the code to the captain’s link, all the telepathy Lyta possesses and all the love Delenn has. Something starts calling them and they start to act on this, but a program Lennier had set up prevents this. Unfortunately, they didn’t get a signal at all. Ivanova tries to resign herself to trying to carry on the best she can.

Zack catches G’Kar in Garibaldi’s quarters. Since everyone else is worrying about Sheridan, G’Kar decides he will try and find Garibaldi.

Londo returns to Centauri Prime. He meets the new Emperor Cartagia. Cartagia wants Londo there to advise about planetary security. Also, Londo was requested. By Morden. It seems he survived what happened on Za’ha’dum though to say he’s the worse for wear is putting it mildly. Morden gives Londo little choice but to help him. Later, Londo is summoned and sees the sky full of Shadow ships of various types. It seems Cartagia has given them an island as a base. In return, Cartagia thinks the Shadows will make him a god. Londo is horrified – Cartagia is quite mad, and everyone is too afraid to stop him. Those who have tried up to now have been silenced. Londo summons Vir from Babylon 5. Together they must get Cartagia off the throne, probably by killing him, and get the Shadows off Centauri Prime.

Far below the surface of Za’ha’dum, Captain Sheridan wanders and he runs into an alien . . .

Meet Emperor Cartagia – the most powerful man on Centauri Prime and quite, quite mad.

Mr. Morden’s not looking so well.

G’Kar looks for inspiration from Mr. Garibaldi’s hat.

Londo’s worst nightmare is coming true – Shadows on Centauri Prime.

“Kosh” is up to something.

Three brave women at Za’ha’dum.

Vir is happy Londo needs and wants his help.

Well, well, look who’s still here.

Hello, who are you?