Babylon 5: Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?

G’Kar goes looking for Mr. Garibaldi with interesting results. Delenn comes up with a new plan. Sheridan has a long talk with a guy named Lorien.

Franklin is summoned by Lennier to see Delenn. Lennier is worried about her – Delenn hasn’t eaten anything since Sheriden went to Za’ha’dum. Delenn refuses to break her fast, blaming herself for what happened to John. Later, Franklin has her look at a log by John in which he confesses to himself his feelings for Delenn. This inspires Delenn and she rallies the rangers. They will wait a few days so any who want to join may, but then they will attack Za’ha’dum.

G’Kar has tracked down a piece of what could be Mr. Garibaldi’s starfurry. The salvager who found it isn’t being very cooperative, and the proprietor of the bar G’Kar is in is about to throw G’Kar out, but Marcus shows up to help. There is nothing wrong with having pikal envy, G’Kar. I at least want a Minbari fighting pike^^; ¬†Marcus ends up getting the needed information out of the salvager. G’Kar then has Marcus go back to Babylon 5 to track the new information, while G’Kar plans on going to where the starfurry in question was supposedly salvaged. He never makes it that far. The owner of the bar tells some Centauri guards about G’Kar, and they manage to capture him and drag him back to Centauri Prime in chains, where Emperor Cartagia makes a gift of G’Kar to Londo. Londo is shocked and is hard pressed to seem pleased enough to suit Cartagia. Later, Londo visits G’Kar in his cell. Londo wants to make a deal where G’Kar will help get the mad Cartagia off the Centauri throne. G’Kar agrees if Londo will free Narn in return.

As for where Mr. Garibaldi is, we don’t know and neither does he, but he keeps being asked what he remembers. There must be something they don’t want him to remember. And are those Psi Cops?

John Sheridan has a semi-metaphysical talk with Lorien, the alien he found down in the depths of Za’ha’dum. It seems that he is caught between life and death, too anxious to live, but dead or he should be. Lorien ends up being the very first of the First Ones. He doesn’t like what the Shadows (and Vorlons) are doing, but he has been waiting for someone to come and talk with him. At first John is rather incredulous, but the more they talk, the more he believes, especially since it makes since of an interesting dream he has been having. Lorien promises that if John dies he will do his best to bring him back. John’s reason to come back – Delenn of course.

Franklin is worried. Of course, so is just about everyone.

Not everything is as it appears to be.

Sheridan wants answers, but will he like what he learns?

Marcus Cole, always ready to get into trouble.

Delenn rallies the Rangers.

G’Kar is brought to Centauri Prime in chains.

Wherever Garibaldi is, it isn’t a happy place.

Londo makes a deal with G’Kar.

G’Kar finally sees the light of hope for his people.

Lorien,, oldest of the old.


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