Babylon 5: The Summoning

The League worlds oppose Delenn’s plan to attack Za’ha’dum. Mr. Garibaldi is found. Emperor Cartagia has fun humiliating and torturing G’Kar. And Babylon 5 gets an unexpected visitor.

On Centauri Prime, Cartagia has made G’Kar his play thing, even though he gave him to Londo. Well, Londo doesn’t seem to have done much with G’Kar. Vir wonders if there is another way to save Centauri Prime besides killing Cartagia. When he hears how Cartagia has been torturing G’Kar to try and get a sound out of the Narn, Vir changes his mind. Londo tries to convince G’Kar to please Cartagia long enough for their plan to come to fruition. Late one evening, Vir and Londo are summoned by Cartagia. This time, he is going to have G’Kar whipped to death unless G’Kar makes a sound. Londo and Vir watch on horrified, and G’Kar finally screams at the last possible moment.

Ivanova and Marcus take one of the White Star ships out to look for First Ones. They don’t have much luck. What they find instead is a massive Vorlon fleet. Now what is that fleet up to? Oh, and they discuss what they would like to do after the war, which leads to a discussion of . . . unicorns.

Delenn talks to Lyta about “Kosh”. The Vorlon has not responded to Delenn’s idea to attack Za’ha’dum. Lyta thinks the Vorlon are up to something and Delenn asks her to find out what. Lyta tries to, and is assaulted by “Kosh”.

Zack has found out where Mr. Garibaldi’s ship was salvaged from. Unable to contact G’Kar, with Delenn’s permission he goes to the area with a team himself. They find a ship that explodes way to easily, and before the ship explodes a life pod is ejected. Something funny seems to have happened to Mr. Garibaldi, but what? Dr. Franklin can’t find anything, and Garibaldi doesn’t remember anything, or so he says. I think he remembers a bit more than he’s letting on.

Many of the League worlds don’t want Delenn’s fleet to attack Za’ha’dum, thinking if they do nothing the worst will be over. They schedule a rally to protest Delenn’s actions. Delenn attends as well, but before things get to out of hand a mysterious ship docks on Bablyon 5, and guess who is back? Yep, Sheridan, with Lorien. Sheridan rallies everyone to support a massive assault to end the war.

Later, Sheridan explains how the Vorlons and Shadows were supposed to be guiding the younger races, but couldn’t agree on how to do it – order or chaos. This leaves the younger races stuck in the middle – literally. The Vorlon fleet has been destroying any world that the Shadows have touched.

Mr. Garibaldi is suspicious of Lorien.

G’Kar doesn’t like being Emperor Cartagia’s jester.

Lyta tries looking into the mind of a Vorlon. Not a comfortable experience.

Mr. Garibaldi, signed, sealed, and delivered.

You know how bad Cartagia is when Vir wants him dead.

Marcus and Ivanova discuss unicorns and search for First Ones.

Cartagia the insane.

Sheridan becoming the One.

Happy reunion.

The Vorlon fleet, complete with Planet Killer.


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