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Babylon 5: The Long Night

The Shadows begin their counter-offensive against the Vorlon. Sheridan comes up with a plan, but it includes a sacrifice. Londo deals with Emperor Cartagia once and for all. Continue reading


Babylon 5 JMS Script Book #10

Once again the back cover features some gorgeous concept art. And inside we not only have some memorable scripts, including Rumors, Bargains and Lies, Moments of Transition, No Surrender, No Retreat, Face of the Enemy, and Intersections in Real Time. We get the story of how TNT picked up the first four seasons of Babylon 5 and four for TV movies. (The deal on the 5th season with TNT is described more in the next book.) We get the genesis of Crusade. We get the story how Intersections in Real Time started as A Passing Shadow and how fate conspired to force JMS to do with this episode what he really wanted to do from the beginning. We get the story on how particularly the end of season four was structured to end Babylon 5 if necessary. We get a look at the original treatment for season 5. And we get a look at a possible spin-off series launching from season four featuring the Rangers.

Babylon 5: Falling Toward Apotheosis

Sheridan decides to deal with the Vorlon and makes up with Delenn. Garibaldi is cranky. Londo learns of Cartagia’s plans in full.

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