Babylon 5: Falling Toward Apotheosis

Sheridan decides to deal with the Vorlon and makes up with Delenn. Garibaldi is cranky. Londo learns of Cartagia’s plans in full.

First, Londo’s story. Londo is summoned by Emperor Cartagia. He isn’t overly pleased to see Mr. Morden there. Londo learns about the Vorlon destroying any world that supports the Shadows, which the Centauri clearly are doing. To add insult to injury, Morden wants the Centauri to protect the Shadow’s ships. Londo is outraged, but Cartagia is adamant that the Centauri do as suggested. Cartagia shows Londo his private thinking room, a morbid and macabre place, where he demonstrates the full depth of his madness. As Cartagia thinks the Shadows will make him a god, he feels there is no reason for Centauri Prime to survive without him – let the Vorlon destroy it. Later, Londo makes a proposal. Yes, Cartagia will be a god (Londo is of course playing him) but if Centauri Prime is destroyed who will remember Cartagia? He suggests they try G’Kar on Narn. News of Cartagia’s magnificence will then surely spread throughout the known galaxy. Londo completely plays on Cartagia’s pride to get him to agree to this plan. There is barely time for Londo to get back to Centarui Prime before the Vorlon arrive. As they prepare to leave, Cartagia decides he doesn’t like the way G’Kar looks at him. When Londo fails to offer a solution, Cartagia orders one of G’Kar’s eyes (the right I think) plucked out.

Back on Babylon 5, Ivanova is busy keeping everyone updated on what the Vorlon are doing. Garibaldi is very cranky to say the least, biting off Zack’s head when he comes to visit. He doesn’t trust Lorien one bit and is suspicious of Sheridan. Still, he is happier when told after a final check-up he can go back to work. Franklin even looks for implant scars that would mean he was put in a Shadow ship but finds nothing. Garibaldi says he doesn’t remember anything, but is that really true? Sheridan and Delenn finally have a real talk. Delenn apologizes for not investigating further about Anna. John reassures her of his love.

Refugees are pouring into Babylon 5, and they are already at capacity. Franklin suggests sending down people to Epsilon 3 as it hasn’t been touched by the Shadows. When Sheridan arrives to the meeting, he agrees. Sheridan than says he wants the Vorlon ambassador gone. Garibaldi isn’t happy when Sheridan doesn’t share the whole plan, but can’t argue with the reasoning – Vorlons are telepathic and Sheridan doesn’t want “Kosh” picking up on the real plan. Garibaldi and a few men go armed to escort “Kosh” off the station, but are beaten back. Later, Lyta draws “Kosh” out by saying she knows who has a piece of the real Kosh. The Vorlon gets suspicious, but it is too late. He is caught in a trap of high voltage and tons of security. The encounter suit breaks and we see what a Vorlon really is: a being of energy that looks vaguely incectisoid in shape and movement. “Kosh’s” ship starts banging around, so Ivanova lets it out of the station. “Kosh” sees Delenn and targets her, but Sheridan gets in the way and is caught. On Lorien’s signal, Sheridan turns around and lets Kosh out, only Kosh is not happy with his counterpart’s actions. Kosh draws “Kosh” out of the station to the departing Vorlon ship and they destroy each other. Sheridan collapsed when Kosh left him. Lorien replenishes Sheridan.

Later, Sheridan talks with Delenn. Lorien brought back part of his life, but only part. Twenty years to be exact. There are things in him repairing him and keeping him alive. Delenn is distressed at this news, but as Sheridan points out they could all be dead within a week thanks to the war. He then awkwardly (it’s very cute^^;) proposes and gives Delenn an engagement ring. He explains the significance of this. It does cheer Delenn up^^;

If Ivanova’s afraid, run.

Garibaldi is really cranky.

Londo is worried and Mr. Morden is glad.

Lyta acts against “Kosh”.

An unhappy Vorlon.

Oh, so that’s what a Vorlon truly looks like.

Lorien gives the go ahead to Sheridan.

Cartagia: “Just try and convince me.”

A long awaited engagement.


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