Babylon 5: The Long Night

The Shadows begin their counter-offensive against the Vorlon. Sheridan comes up with a plan, but it includes a sacrifice. Londo deals with Emperor Cartagia once and for all.

First, events on Narn. Londo and Vir arrange with other Centauri leaders to take out Cartagia to save Centauri Prime. Yeah, Cartagia seems to be turning more and more unstable and unpredictable. The others are not happy with this, but as Londo and Vir point out with the Vorlon fleet arriving in less than four days and with Shadow vessels on Centauri Prime, they have little choice. Londo goes to see G’Kar and tells him his part of the plan – break free of his chains which Londo has weakened and go on a rampage. However, he is not to touch Cartagia. For that part, Londo has Vir get poison in a syringe that looks like a pen that must be placed between the hearts. I think the pressure is getting to Londo and Vir because they start joking about the whole situation. So the moment comes. G’Kar is brought forward to be condemned by Cartagia, who had the chains replaced. With the incentive of freeing his world, G’Kar manages to break them anyway. He goes on a rampage as planned. Londo manages to pull Cartagia out of the area, but Cartagia is so upset he starts knocking around Londo, which knocks the syringe out of Londo’s hands. Vir picks it up and inadvertently ends up being the one to kill Cartagia. Londo makes arrangements for the Centauri to leave Narn permanently. He is anxious to get back to Centauri Prime to deal with matters there. He finds Vir roaring drunk. At first Londo is less than sympathetic. However, as Vir points out, he has never done anything like this before, nor did he ever want to. Londo can only say it was necessary and that Vir’s heart is still good because it would not hurt so much otherwise. After the Centauri have left, G’Kar is not pleased at how much is people are celebrating and he is even less pleased when he finds they want revenge on the Centauri and want G’Kar to lead them. G’Kar says he will rejoin the Ka’Ri, but no more. When asked what he has suffered, G’Kar can only laugh since the answer is as plain as his missing eye.

Back on Babylon 5, our heroes continue to monitor the Vorlon advance. Sheridan wants Ivanova to go looking for First Ones, but Ivanova is afraid of being left behind. Her mother sent her to an Aunts house and committed suicide. So Ivanova has Sheridan promise that she will be there at the last battle. He promises. The Rangers, specifically a White Star captained by a guy named Erickson, have picked up the Shadows starting to retaliate. They use Death Clouds that have thousands of projectiles that penetrate to the planet’s core. Sheridan comes up with a counteroffensive. First, he wants part of his fleet to attack a Vorlon outpost to enrage them and slow them down. They know the Vorlons will arrive at Coriana 6 in three days, a world that the Shadows have influenced, so they will make their stand there. Sheridan sends information to Erikson that the younger races are building a new base in the Coriana 6 and it will go online in three days. Then Sheridan has Erikson attack a Shadow outpost that is close enough to a major base that there will be retaliation. Erickson and his crew sacrifice themselves, letting the information fall into Shadow hands, so they will also be at Coriana 6 in three days time. Sheridan thinks he knows why the Shadows and Vorlons have not directly attacked each other and he wants to force the issue.

The stage is set. In three days time, we are going to see the battle to end all battles at Coriana 6.

Ivanova doesn’t want to be left behind again.

Emperor Cartagia having fun on Narn.

Londo makes his plans.

G’Kar freeing Narn.

Vir really didn’t mean to do that . . .

Shadow death cloud. Scary.

Ranger Erickson lives for the One and dies for the One.

I don’t think Sheridan likes hard choices.


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