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Babylon 5 JMS Script Book #11

First off, we have some more lovely concept art on the back cover. We have, as JMS points out, three season endings and beginnings: “Sleeping in the Light”, “The Deconstruction of Falling Stars”, and “No Compromises”, along with other wonderful episodes like “Endgame”, “Rising Star”, and “The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari”. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. JMS goes into detail on the lengths gone to in order to convince TNT to pick up Babylon 5 for a fifth season, how they got it, how they lost Claudia Christian as Ivanova, how JMS lost his writer’s bible to Bablyon 5 detailing each season out, and how he then almost lost his mind. He explains how Tracy Scoggins was chosen to play Captain Elizabeth Lockly and how due to loosing his writer’s bible he decided to start with the telepath story. JMS also tells us how it was to direct his first episode.

Yeah, it is hard to choose among so many great script books, but if you just had to choose one, this might be it.


Babylon 5: Epiphanies

Bester comes to Babylon 5 with a warning about what President Clark’s next move will be against them. Of course he wants something in return for his help . . .

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Babylon 5: Into the Fire

The battle to end all battles has come. Sheridan and the Alliance confront both the Shadows and the Vorlon while Londo races to save Centauri Prime.

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