Babylon 5: Into the Fire

The battle to end all battles has come. Sheridan and the Alliance confront both the Shadows and the Vorlon while Londo races to save Centauri Prime.

Londo and Vir arrive back at Centauri Prime and jump into action. After a meeting with the most important ministers, the minister of intelligence asks to speak with Londo privately. He investigated the death of Adira. While it is true that Lord Refa was quite annoyed with Londo, he wasn’t the one who ordered her killed. Morden was. At this Londo realizes how Morden has manipulated him from the beginning and he breaks down. Later Morden is summoned. He naturally refuses to have the Shadow vessels moved from Centauri Prime, even though the Vorlon fleet is only hours away. So Londo blows up the island where the Shadows were. He had most of the people evacuated during the night, leaving just enough to keep up appearances. Morden promises that even if the Shadows loose, their allies will go after Centauri Prime for what Londo has done. Later, Londo has Vir go into the palace gardens where Vir is treated to the sight of Morden’s head on a pike. As he wanted, Vir waves to it. Later, Londo joins Vir and is ready to celebrate. However, when Vir realizes that Londo told the Vorlon himself that all Shadow influence had been removed, Vir realizes that isn’t quite true – Londo is still there. When he realizes this, Londo begs Vir to kill him, but Vir can’t. Fortunately, the Vorlon fleet gets called away to the battle at Coriana 6.

Meanwhile, Ivanova and Lorien have been looking for First Ones. Lorien insists on finding them all, somewhat to Ivanova’s annoyance. They have an interesting discussion on immortality. Ivanova is quite anxious to get back to the main fleet. She makes it just in time.

Meanwhile, Sheridan’s forces have been busy slowing the Vorlon down. He has gathered a huge fleet for this day. He has also made some arrangements in the Coriana system, namely seeding nukes on various asteroids. It is just as well, since when the Vorlon and Shadows arrive they go at each other, ignoring the younger races. Let’s just say the nukes are very effective in getting their attention. Soon the battle is joined. Sheridan tries normal channels, then asks Lyta to try and reach them to talk, but nothing works and the Vorlon planet killer is getting closer and closer to Coriana 6. So Sheridan calls in the remaining first ones. This is the point where the second Vorlon fleet is recalled from Centauri Prime. Still, the Shadows and the Vorlon are not listening. Lorien arrives, but Lyta finally makes contact and the Vorlon use her to trap Sheridan’s mind and the Shadows use her to do the same to Delenn. Lorien makes sure everyone at the battle can see what is going on. Sheridan and Delenn confront them about what is going on – this battle is now more about who is right than what is best for the younger races. The Shadows and the Vorlon are wanting to force the younger races to choose sides. Sheridan and Delenn refuse. Lorien is detected when he accidentally touches one of them and he brings them back to reality. However, the Shadow death cloud has come around them freezing all the jump engines. The mortal occupants of the ships will freeze within minutes too, but a Shadow and a Vorlon arrive to give the younger races one last chance. Sheridan and Delenn reiterate what they said earlier, and give proof of how the elder races have lost their way. The Shadow and the Vorlon agree to go beyond the rim with Lorien and the last of the First Ones. Lorien promises Sheridan he will be waiting for him.

Vir prepares to go back to Babylon 5 and Londo says he will join Vir shortly – he’s made enough new people annoyed with him Londo feels it would be best to leave for a while. Vir assures Londo that the Universe wouldn’t begrudge Londo one night of happiness.

Sheridan and Delenn return to Babylon 5 and muss on what the First Ones leaving means and about the third age of mankind.

Londo learns the truth about what Morden did to Adira.

Vir finally gets what he wants.

Marcus is online to help Ivanova.

A vessel for the greater powers.

Lorien watches from the sidelines.

Sheridan confronts the Vorlon.

Delenn faces the Shadows.

One last chance.


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