Babylon 5: Epiphanies

Bester comes to Babylon 5 with a warning about what President Clark’s next move will be against them. Of course he wants something in return for his help . . .

We start out with a huge party back on Babylon 5, celebrating the end of the Shadow War. Sheridan knows they still have Earth to worry about and he is concerned about what’s coming. He seems to be on the edge of all the festivities, though he does unwind enough to at least spend some time with Delenn. However, it turns out that Sheridan is right to be worried – President Clark has some plans that he’s not going to like.

First though, back on Centauri Prime Londo is about ready to leave. However, there is one matter of business that as Prime Minister he still needs to take care of – namely deciding on the next Emperor. The Centarum has decided given what happened with Cartagia, they can’t be hasty this time but someone still needs to be in charge. So Londo makes the old, nervous minister we’ve seen a fair amount of there Regent until an Emperor is decidedĀ  upon and installed. The new Regent is quite surprised by this, but once he gets over it doesn’t seem too displeased. Meanwhile, Dr. Franklin checks out G’Kar’s eye and says there’s a pretty good chance he can set G’Kar up with a prosthetic eye, which makes G’Kar happy. G’Kar pays a visit to Garibaldi who is at first nervous, but G’Kar isn’t upset by what happened to him at all since searching for Mr. Garibaldi and being captured allowed him to free his people. Later, Londo and G’Kar run into each other. G’Kar tells Londo he is willing to ignore him now, but to not attract his negative attention again.

Garibaldi announces to the command staff that he is resigning as head of security. Everyone is shocked and dismayed by that, but what can they do? Zack is a competent second, and it is Garibaldi’s life. Garibaldi talks about going free-lance, helping to find objects or people. What the others don’t know is that Garibaldi received a strange transmission that was just colors and patterns and Garibaldi didn’t react to it at all except to erase it in such a way that it can’t be found. Something’s going on there . . .

The main story is Bester’s visit to Babylon 5. It seems that without his Shadow allies and the Shadow war being over, President Clark is getting nervous and wants Babylon 5 out of the picture. They can’t to it militarily at the moment – Sheridan’s credibility is too high and the last time they tried something a Minbari war fleet showed up. So President Clark starts with propaganda, quarantining Babylon 5 and saying it is to protect the citizens of the Earth Alliance, which our heroes have already seen something of thanks to ISN. Bester says he’ll tell them the second phase of Clark’s plans, but there is a price. He wants the technology on Za’ha’dum – that is where the Shadow implants came from, there may be a solution there. The others aren’t so sure this is a good idea, but in the end they agree to go along with it. The second part of Clark’s plan is to send out an Earth Alliance patrol to guard the final jump gate to Babylon 5 and then have it destroyed by a Black Omega squadron, loyal only to Clark and make up of psicops. Ivanova goes out to stop the ambush, much to the surprise of the Earth Alliance regulars there. Lyta is around to make sure Bester doesn’t try anything – which he does try, and Lyta slams him back mentally. Bester is impressed. He knows something has happened to Lyta to increase her abilities and he says she has a moral obligation to share with the Psi Corps, which Lyta heartily disagrees with. They arrive at Za’Ha’Dum and they see a bunch of ships leaving. When they scan the planet, they find nothing. Sheridan orders them out of there, and rightfully so since the planet then explodes. Bester is quite disappointed. They let him have a few minutes next to his love’s cyrogenic unit. It seems Bester has more planned up his sleeve . . .

Later, Sheridan talks with Lyta. He’s figured out that Lyta sent a telepathic signal (all while keeping Bester out and keeping him from knowing what was going on) to trigger the self destruct mechanism on Za’ha’dum. Sheridan isn’t happy – even if it is what Sheridan would choose, it wasn’t Lyta’s decision to make. After Sheridan leaves, Zack shows up with pizza since he earlier promised to help Lyta with some unpacking. The poor guy has the worst timing.

On Centauri Prime, the Regent has a nightmare. At first he thinks it’s nothing, but then he sees a creature on his neck with an eye looking at him . . .

Sheridan watches the celebrations from a distance.

Garibaldi gets a strange message . . . and isn’t worried about it. Now I’m worried.

Not quite enemies anymore.

Anything to ruin Bester’s day makes Lyta happy.

Okay, Bester may be a monster but he is still human.

Zack comes bearing pizza. Too bad he has the worst timing in the world.


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