Babylon 5: The Illusion of Truth

Reporters come to Babylon 5. What they actually see on Babylon 5 and the story they end up telling on ISN are two very different things.

This is an interesting episode. We see the real story on Babylon 5, then we see the story reporter Dan Randall comes up with.

First, we see the reporters come aboard. Sheridan isn’t happy to have them. Randall even admits with Clark in power there is no way they can do an objective story, but he says they can still try and slip some of the through through. I think Sheridan is more convinced by his own argument that at least this way they can see what direction Clark will come against Babylon 5 next. They put Lennier in charge of showing the reporters around. I don’t think the cameras like Lennier, though. they keep bumping him until he bumps them back. They go downbelow and see lurkers and Franklin’s team rushing in to help one of them. We see Londo complaining to Sheridan. We get a nice interview with Sheridan and Delenn. And Randall tells Garibaldi he can say whatever he wants too.

Then we get the actual show they put together. First, we are treated to a view of how things are back on Earth and Mars. Because there was another victory against Mars, curfew is extended. A guy (I think he was a writer or movie producer or some such) who has clearly been tortured “confesses” to supporting anti-Earth elements and names supporters. Then we get the actual report on Babylon 5. It turns out that one of the cryo-freezers on Babylon 5 has been damaged and so the poor telepaths with Shadow implants still in them have to be moved. The reporters don’t know the whole story behind this, but I don’t know that would have changed the spin they do. They show alien ships being repaired at B5 expense, humans downbelow, and Sheridan acting friendly with aliens. Then the interview with Sheridan and Delenn is rearranged and taken out of context. The conclusion – Sheridan is suffering from Minbari War Syndrome and thinks aliens areĀ superiorĀ and wants to make humans into alien-human hybreds. For those who resist, there’s an alien fleet ready to take them on. As a clincher, Garibaldi talks about how Sheridan doesn’t listen to anyone but aliens anymore and how he quit because he is uncomfortable.

Sheridan, Ivanova, and Delenn are in a word furious.

Smile Zack, you’re on ISN.

Lennier gets into a staring contest with a hover camera.

Delenn and Sheridan with nothing to hide.

Garibaldi is uncomfortable.

Dan Randall, investigative reporter. Too bad he has an agenda.


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  1. mffanrodders on

    I like this one and i thought that it was a nod to the entire them. That there’s no right or wrong, just perception.

    Do you happen to know if there are any plans to release this on Blu-Ray? (I promised myself that i’d buy a blu-ray player when B5, Star Wars and Farscape were released.

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