Babylon 5: Atonement

Delenn must go back to Minbar to confront her past. Marcus and Franklin are given an assignment that starts them on a very long journey.

First off, Zach gets fit for a new uniform. He is very uncomfortable in it, and even more uncomfortable trying to take Garibaldi’s place. He thinks Garibaldi will come back soon. Lennier isn’t so sure.

G’Kar gets a prosthetic eye. It is blue (for now) and isn’t perfect, but he can now see with both eyes again! And he can take the prosthetic eye out . . .

Sheridan decides it is time to start moving against Clark. The first step is to contact the Mars resistance. He decides to send Franklin, who can credibly represent him without being to recognizable, and Marcus as a bodyguard. The two agree, and soon after are on their way to Mars. They have to take a very long, torturous route to make it look like they aren’t from Babylon 5. Let’s just hope Marcus and Franklin don’t kill each other by the end. And who knew that Marcus knows Gilbert & Sullivan?

The main story, though, is about Delenn. Some in her caste and clan are concerned about marrying Sheridan. Minbari usually don’t marry outsiders so you can see their concern. They summon her to Minbar. It may be she will be forbidden to even return to Babylon 5. Delenn has her third night watching Sheridan before leaving. She slips of without Sheridan being the wiser, but Lennier catches her. Once on Minbar, her clan demands she show them why she should be allowed to marry Sheridan, and love is not a good enough reason. She enters the dreaming. In it we see the truth of her past. It seems she once entered the dreaming as guide to Dukaht, the great Minbari leader who was her mentor. It is the first meeting. When he hears her family name, he tells her she has a noble heritage. Later, Dukaht uses Delenn to make a point to the Grey Counsel regarding their refusal to study a recently discovered race, the humans. Dukaht decides to teach Delenn himself. We see Delenn’s initiation into the Grey Counsel and the triluminary’s reaction to her. After, Dukaht is on the point of telling her something, when they run into a Earth warrior group. The warrior caste leaves their gun ports open as a sign of respect, but the humans misinterpret the gesture as a prelude to aggression and they open fire. The Minbari quickly respond, but many are killed, including Dukaht. The Grey Counsel is divided on how to respond. Delenn, torn by grief, votes no mercy – something she has spent regretting and trying to atone for ever since. Unfortunately, it is too late. Lennier knows the others will say Delenn is marrying Sheridan to assuage her guilt. Delenn and Lennier leave the dreaming and are permitted to rest before talking to the elders the next day. In the night, Delenn realize Dukaht tried to tell her something as he was dying. She reenters the dreaming much to the consternation of the leader. She shows him what Dukaht said – that she is a child of Valen. However, because Valen was originally Jefferson David Sinclair, the whole Minbari race has already been contaminated with human DNA. There is no reason as far as racial purity goes for Delenn to not marry Sheridan. The leader says they can’t reveal Valen’s origins, so instead he suggests they refer to an ancient Minbari custom of warring sides each giving one in marriage to promote reconciliation. Delenn is just happy they will let her marry her love.

Zach isn’t comfortable in his new uniform.

G’Kar gets a new eye of sorts from Dr. Franklin.

Delenn and Dukaht

Confronting the past.

Giving a reason.

Franklin and Marcus on a road trip. Someone is going to get hurt soon.


3 comments so far

  1. neatnik2009 on

    I noticed that Delenn did not tell Sheridan about her role in starting the Earth-Minbari War. We all carry secrets, but not ones THAT big.

    • sakuraember on

      Very true, though I guess there really isn’t much point in brining it up at this point in general given how it would accomplish nothing and possibly cause harm. Still . . .

      • neatnik2009 on

        I suppose that Delenn made up for it by saving Sheridan and crew in “Severed Dreams” and getting the White Star fleet built.

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