Babylon 5: Racing Mars

Marcus and Franklin finally get to Mars. Sheridan takes a day off. Garibaldi makes a decision.

Ivanava basically forces Sheridan to take a vacation while things are still quiet. To help enable this, she takes on the task of finding a way to get needed supplies through the quarantine to Babylon 5. The people she talks with are quite shady, but as she says everyone deserves a fresh start. She makes them an attractive offer – smuggle the supplies they need instead of weapons, drugs, and other unwanted items in return for maintenance for their ships, some protection, and a clean slate.

Sheridan doesn’t take to his vacation very well and he is restless. The only thing playing is ISN, and they keep doing recaps of the special Babylon 5 report. Sheridan is upset with what Garibaldi said during it, so he goes to talk to Garibaldi. Too bad Garibaldi isn’t in a talkative mood, which gets Sheridan more and more heated. They part acrimoniously. Later, Sheridan talks to Delenn about this. After some encouragement, he goes to try to talk to Garibaldi again. Garibaldi still doesn’t want to talk, and to make matters worse a woman alien starts going all worshipful on Sheridan. This ends with Garibaldi decking Sheridan, who was trying to protect the lady from Garibaldi’s physical animosity. The two aren’t going to be talking again soon. Sheridan soon gets distracted. Delenn had previously talked him into going through another pre-marriage ritual (there seems to be about 50 . . . depending). She neglected to mention that this one involves onlookers^^;

Meanwhile, Gaibaldi is getting more and more worried that Sheridan is starting to believe his own press, and the confrontations just confirm his opinion. At first, he is reluctant to do anything, but after the last round he agrees to be recruited by a guy named Wade . . .

Franklin and Marcus are still on route to Mars. I’m surprised they haven’t killed each other yet. They find a stowaway – a guy named Captain Jack. Seems his brother is the pilot of the transport and lets him ride for free. At first, Marcus does everything he can to keep them separate, but then they realize that Captain Jack is their contact with the Mars resistance. They get to Mars. The locals aren’t very friendly, but then communication has been limited at best. Number Two agrees to do some passive checking. Captain Jack keeps the two travelers company while they wait. The identicards (supposedly the real ones) don’t match up so Number Two is about to kill Marcus and Franklin, when Number One stops him. She wants to know what is really going on. They quickly get an answer to this when Captain Jack opens fire. Marcus stops him and gets something off his neck before the old man escapes. It is a Keeper, who has been controlling Captain Jack. Since there is no way to get rid of a Keeper, Captain Jack commits suicide while he has some control back.

Are we there yet?

Captain Jack was a merry old soul . . .

You can get Sheridan out of the office. Getting the office out of Sheridan is harder.

Wade tries to recruit Garibaldi.

Ivanova making a deal.

Number Two of the Mars resistance.

Number One.

Garibaldi makes a decision.


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