Doctor Who Series 1 Episodes 2 & 3

In the second episode, the Doctor takes Rose into the future – specifically to the day when the sun goes nova and destroys Earth. The Doctor doesn’t even try to stop it – as he says, everything dies and has a time to die. Humanity has moved on. No one is left down there. On a shielded platform in space, a bunch of aliens and the last human come to see the end. It certainly gives Rose a new perspective seeing her planet destroyed, but also knowing that at this point in time it has been millions if not billions of years since anyone she knows has lived. It certainly puts the amount of time we have for our lives into perspective. It also brings into question what is human, since the last human, well, let’s just say she doesn’t look much like we do. We also learn that the Doctor’s home planet was destroyed. Of course there are complications and the Doctor does save the day, but even he can’t save everyone.

In the next episode, we go to Earth’s past – specifically the 1860s I believe. The time when Charles Dickens is around. In fact, the Doctor (and Rose) meet Dickens and the Doctor in particular is delighted, being as he puts it a huge fan^^; However, all is not well here either. There is an alien species who is gaseous in nature currently – the effect is rather ghost-like – but they want/need corporal bodies. So they are borrowing the bodies of the dead, much to the distress of a mortician and the young lady who is his maid and assistant. In this episode, we see that even the Doctor can be fooled. We also learn that the Doctor is the last of his species, a result of the war, the Time War, mentioned in the first episode. The Doctor and Rose leave Charles Dickens with a new enthusiasm for life and for his stories and with inspiration on how to finish his latest work. What Dickens doesn’t know is that he will die within a week, but it is all a matter of perspective. Thanks to the visit of the Doctor and Rose, those last few days may have been some of Dickens’ happiest, and he remembers what is most important in his life – his family. Once again, it is all a matter of perspective. This episode also deals with magic – the maid girl has the sight. Dickens abhors magic, but the Doctor says it is only magic to Dickens because he doesn’t understand it but it all has a basis in science and reason.


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