Doctor Who Series 1 Episodes 4 & 5

In the fourth episode Rose returns home. Only one problem – it hasn’t been 12 hours, it has been 12 months. Rose’s mother has been worried sick, and Mickey has been the chief suspect in Rose’s disappearance. Ah, quaint domestics^^; But seriously, how is Rose supposed to explain everything she has seen in the past two episodes to her mother? Mickey at least has seen more. However, there isn’t much time for reunions, because an extraterrestrial spaceship crashes into the Thames after clipping Big Ben. This could be first contact, one ship clearly out of control not being close to an invasion, but there are odd things going on – the pilot of the spaceship is a pig, the prime minister is missing, and there are several people – including the deputy prime minister – who are acting very strangely . . . Rose’s mother inadvertently puts Rose and the Doctor on the radar of both England’s officials and the aliens. She means well, but not knowing the whole situation . . . well, let’s just say it puts everyone at risk. Also, we meet a PM from a district no one knows about and see her rise to the occasion.

In the fifth episode, we learn the truth – these aliens don’t want to invade the Earth, they want us to destroy it (all to easy to do, I’m afraid) and sell what’s left for fuel. Once again we are faced with a matter of perspective. The Doctor does have a plan for saving Earth, but it risks Rose’s life. One life or billions? Of course, if the Doctor doesn’t stop the aliens, they are all probably dead anyway . . . It isn’t that the doctor is uncompassionate. Sometimes it is surprising to whom and when the Doctor shows compassion. However, he has a much wider view of what is going on than humans do that sometimes he seems callous. The Doctor is also quick to point out how most humans (not all even he admits) are happy to have a simple explanation for strange events that fits in their world-view and don’t want the truth when it threatens that world-view. Mikey really steps to the fore here helping to save the day, doing what Rose and the Doctor can’t at the moment and beating off one of the aliens. I think Mickey gives himself too little credit. He is very courageous when he needs to be. However, to everything there is a time and a season and if Mickey isn’t ready to go with the Doctor and Rose in the Tardis (Rose had trouble adjusting to the future back in episode 2) he is wise to recognize the fact. I do hope he gets to go on a few adventures some day. It is also brought home that there are no guarantees, even from the Doctor. He would give his life to protect Rose, but even that might not be enough. His is a very dangerous life.


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