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JMS Script Book #14

To begin with, once again we have lovely concept art on the back cover. This book features the scripts for “Wheel of Fire”, “Objects in Motion”, “Objects at Rest”, and probably the best Babylon 5 Movie “In the Beginning”. However, beyond this we have the producer’s notebook for “In the Beginning”, which includes information about the cast, scenes, needed CGI, what part is shot when and who is needed, scene sketches to help illustrate points, and more. From Joe’s archives we get the season openers and more photos, signed cast pages on a copy of “Sleeping in the Light” for JMS, notes from the pages of JMS’s copy of “Sleeping in the Light” – the episode he directed, and the outline JMS gave to Warner Brothers for “In the Beginning”. All this, plus we get JMS’s take on the last days of filming for Babylon 5. This is another must have for any fan.


Babylon 5: Lines of Communication

Franklin and Marcus talk with the resistance on Mars. Delenn discovers new players on the galactic stage and problems on Minbar. Sheridan has an idea.

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JMS Script Book #13

In this volume, we get more lovely concept art on the back. We also get a number of lovely episode scrips, such as “The Ragged Edge”, “And All my Dreams, Torn Asunder”, “Movements of Fire and Shadow”, and “The Fall of Centauri Prime”. Yep, we’ve been building up to it the entire series, and now everything Londo has set in motion comes back to haunt him and his people. We also get some more photos of the cast, crew, and sets from JMS’s archive, and some memos on making the season 5 opener and a TNT promo that was never made. He tells about the last Christmas party the cast and crew had together, being in the limelight, call sheets, writing an episode from Bester’s point of view, and Lennier’s moment of weakness. This volume is another must-have for fans.