Babylon 5: Lines of Communication

Franklin and Marcus talk with the resistance on Mars. Delenn discovers new players on the galactic stage and problems on Minbar. Sheridan has an idea.

Franklin and Marcus are dismayed to find their hotel has been bombed by the Mars resistance. Number One is furious. A person from Earth ordered the attacks without her knowledge, and she takes it out a bit on him. I wouldn’t feel too bad, though, since he had it coming. Later, the various factions of the resistance are finally gathered so Franklin and Marcus can deliver their message from Sheridan. At first the others are mistrustful, but Franklin and Marcus make a good case. It probably helps that while the immediate goal is getting Clark out of power, Sheridan is agreeable to supporting Martian independence. Franklin also gets after them for indiscriminate bombings and pressures the radical element of the resistance to stop this. Number One figures this wasn’t in Franklin’s original instructions, but she appreciates his efforts. In the end, they agree to work with Sheridan’s people. Later, Franklin and Number One get close . . .

There are troubling reports of ships being attacked, including some allies of the Minbari, and Delenn decides to go investigate. Little does she know that while the reports are real, this is just an excuse for Forell to introduce her to some potential allies. As for why Forell feels the need for allies, he has good reason. The warrior caste has become more militant and has cast out the religious caste from any cities where they are. Some of Forell’s family have been killed as a result. However, these allies are troubling. They call themselves Drakh and say they are looking for a new home. Delenn does not trust them, which turns out to be the right instinct as these Drakh were allies of the Shadows, and it is they who have been attacking ships. Unfortunately, Forell tells the Drakh who Delenn is. Thanks to some cleaver maneuvering by Delenn they manage to get, but not without loss, including the loss of one of the White Stars and several are killed including Forell. Once regrouped in hyperspace, Delenn orders them back to extract revenge. Yeah, never make a Minbari mad. Knowing now a fuller idea of the problems on Minbar, Delenn returns to Babylon 5 to tell Sheridan she needs to go home to help solve the problems between the religious and warrior castes. She also suggests that he will be more comfortable being his new, more dangerous self – which he needs to be to fight Clark – if she isn’t there.

Sheridan wakes up Ivanova in the middle of the night with another one of his brilliant schemes – convert the war room into a news room dedicated to getting the truth out to the people of Earth about Clark and his administration. Of course he puts Ivanova in charge of this, much to her dismay^^;

Number One is very unhappy.

Ivanova contemplates taking on yet another responsibility.

Religious One wants Delenn to see something.

Marcus and Franklin gather support on Mars.

A Drakh leader.

Delenn and Lenneir contemplate their next move.

Sheridan and his bright ideas^^;


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