Doctor Who: 2010 Christmas Special: A Christmas Carol

This is a hilarious yet sad story. It all starts with Amy and Rory’s honeymoon going awry. The spaceship they are on gets caught in some planetary atmospheric interference and without help they are going to crash. They one guy who has a machine that can control the atmosphere is Kazran, an old man who is very much a Scrooge. Given this, the Doctor decides to basically do the same thing Dickens did with A Christmas Carol. It seems Kazran’s father was very cold and even abusive. Things get better when the young Karzan meets Abagail with whom he falls in love with. Abigail is a young woman in cryogenic freeze as surety for her family’s mortgage. The Doctor and Kazran let her out every Christmas Eve, but when Kazran discovers she has only one day left to live (that is why she volunteered) he despairs. However, it becomes harder and harder to ignore things when he is shown the passengers of the failing spaceship. When he confronts his younger self, he finally agrees to help, but he can now only help with Abigail’s assistance. Yep, the Doctor makes a very great ghost of Christmas Past. It is sad about Abigail, but is that any reason for her not to live her remaining day?


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