Doctor Who: Series 1 episodes 6-8

Episode 6 is “Dalek”. Here we meet one of the Doctor’s oldest nemesis – a Dalek. The Dalek are a living race, though they hide themselves in machines. They have had all emotion purged from them and feel anyone who is not a Dalek is impure. We learn that the Time War was between the Doctor’s people and the Daleck. This particular Daleck must have been suddenly ejected in essence from that area of time and space just before it was all destroyed. The Doctor is right about how dangerous the Dalek are, but he is so single-minded in his hatred of them that even if it is deserved he can’t see any other possibilities until Rose gets in his way. This is the darkest we’ve seen the Doctor yet. Understandable, and thank goodness Rose was there. As for this guy who collects alien things, he is quite obsessive himself, and egocentric. He is the most important person in his universe, and only his safety is more important than his collection. Just as well he’s going to get his memory wiped. Also, they pick up another traveling companion named Adam.

Episode 7 is “The Long Game”. Adam gets into trouble when they travel into the future and he isn’t going on any other trips with the Doctor. As for the Doctor and Rose, they go to what is supposed to be Earth at its height, but it seems rather mundane. All anyone really cares about is creature comfort and watching one of hundreds of channels on the future equivalent of TV. Yes, the information is being controlled – and so is the human race by an alien race. Fortunately, knowledge is power and the reporter the Doctor and Rose met earlier helps disseminates this information.

Episode 8 is “Father’s Day”. In this episode it is Rose who gets into trouble. She talks the Doctor into taking her to meet her father who died when she was a baby. The wedding is well enough, but when they go to the day he was hit and killed and Rose interferes, time is distorted majorly. Beyond this, Rose finds that her father isn’t exactly who she always thought he was. As for the Doctor, he is sympathetic to Rose, moreso than I think she gives him credit, but he also knows the rules of space and time far better than she does. In the end, the only way to end it is for her father to be killed again. At least she got to meet him and was with him in his last moments.


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