Doctor Who Christmas Special (2005): Christmas Invasion

Unfortunately for the Doctor, his regeneration is a tough one. The Tardis is landed in the present day, but after that he is basically out of commission. Rose is devastated that the old Doctor is gone, but she is persuaded to try and enjoy Christmas. Unfortunately they are attacked. The Doctor wakes long enough to save them, but then he is out of it again. Unfortunately, this is just a prelude to an invasion by an alien species that isn’t very nice. The member of Parliament who helped during the fourth and fifth episodes of series one is now Prime Minister. The good news is that she has some idea of what is going on now. The bad news – they still need the Doctor, and he is out of commission. In the end, one third of the population of Earth is held hostage while the Prime Minister and Rose and Mickey among others are brought to deal with these aliens. Poor Jackie always gets left behind^^; Anyway, negotiations don’t go well, but fortunately the Doctor is back and as good as new. He quickly takes control of the situation and challenges the alien leader to single combat for the planet. He gets his hand chopped off, but fortunately can still regenerate. He seems to be a bit more friendly, later spending Christmas with Rose’s family, but with a hard edge – only giving one chance. To his dismay, the Prime Minister orders Torchwood, an anti-alien agency,  to destroy the alien ship. He in turn starts in motion events that gets the Prime Minister out of office. You can debate whether what the Prime Minister did was right or not, but she does have one point. Earth is now attracting the attention of more aliens, many of whom are not very nice, and the Doctor can’t always be around.


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