Doctor Who Series 1 Episodes 12-13

Ah, the two part series finale! This consists of “Bad Wolf” and “Parting of the Ways”. Remember that space station they went to in episode 7 that was being run by an alien? Our heroes go back in about 90 years or so, but things still are not how they should be. To start with, they seem to have been randomly chosen and abducted to participate in these TV game shows. The Doctor ends up in a future version of Big Brother, Captain Jack is in a future version of What Not to Wear, and Rose ends up in a future version of The Weakest Link. Aside from annoying our heroes, they are dismayed to find these games are deadly – the looser is killed. The Doctor and Jack manage to get free, but before they can get free Rose is¬†disintegrated. The Doctor figures something is going on. Eventually they figure out the contestants are not really being disintegrated, but their fate is not much better – they are transported to the Dalek fleet and being killed or turned into Dalek. Yep, the Dalek Emperor managed to survive the Time War somehow and has slowly been building his strength and to destroy Earth. The manage to get Rose back and the Doctor sends Rose back to her own time. This is very distressing to Rose – she wants to help no matter what. She decides to try and get to the Meanwhile, in spite of all their preparations, one by one everyone on the station is killed. The Doctor does have a plan. He barely has enough time to do it, but there is no time to include a feature that would distinguish between Dalek and human. Rose, with some help, manages to open the heart of the Tardis. She is able to return to the Doctor after he has decided he can’t destroy Earth with the Dalek. Rose is possessed by the heart of the Tardis and destroys the Dalek and even revives Jack, but it is killing her. The Doctor gets them inside the Tardis and takes the heart of the Tardis into himself. This saves Rose but is fatal to himself so he ends up regenerating . . . Oh, and Rose in her possessed state is the one who put the words Bad Wolf throughout space and time as a message to herself and the Doctor.


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