Doctor Who Series 1 Episodes 9-11

Episodes 9 & 10 are a two-parter: “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances”. This time the Doctor and Rose find themselves in London during the Blitz of World War II. Once again, this was not exactly where they were expecting to go (do we ever get a good explanation about why that is?) so Rose’s t-shirt with a very large British flag on it can be forgiven^^; She meets Captain Jack who is posing as an American volunteer, but is really a time-traveling swindler. Unlike the doctor, he is human – just from the 51st century. However, problems arise when our heroes realize there are people being infected and who are not dead but not quite alive either. It is really weird and sufficiently spooky. At first Captain Jack denies all responsibility. Yes, he brought an abandoned ambulance from the future, but it was clean. Well, mostly. It does have nano-bots which, having never seen humans before, mistook a critically injured child as the model it should use and started transforming healthy humans into what it thought was correct. The Doctor is able to reverse this with some help. For once, everyone lives. The Doctor is ecstatic about this. Too many times he has been unable to save people.

Next is the episode “Boom Town”. Remember the gangster family from the fourth and fifth episodes, the Slavines? Well, one survived. She really had little chance with the Doctor, Rose, Micky, and Captain Jack after her. I do feel a touch sorry for her. She has known no other life, and when she says her family would have killed her if she had not done as she was told I think she is telling the stark truth. She tries to work on the Doctor’s sympathies. Who knows if it would have worked. And my sympathy was destroyed when she used the Tardis to activate her plan to leave Earth – destroying Earth in the process. Fortunately, the heart of the Tardis stops her and turns her back into an egg so she does get a new lease on life of sorts after all! Also, Micky and Rose’s relationship is strained. Here is Rose leaving him all the time and having adventures. That would be a strain on anyone I would think.


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