Doctor Who Series 2 Episodes 1-2

The first episode of the second series is “New Earth”. After the events of “The Christmas Invasion” Rose is convinced that the Doctor still is the Doctor, even if he looks very different now, but the differences between his old self and new still are quite striking to her. They go to New Earth, a place colonized by humans after Earth was destroyed. It also happens to have humanoid cats. It also is where the last human, Cassandra, is. Remember her from episode 2? Well, her brain was elsewhere so she survived. But she wants a new, real body. So she steals Rose’s body. This is bad timing since the cats are really not quite so benevolent as at first they appear. Not entirely their fault – humanity did come to their planet full of disease – but their methods to solve the problem leave much to be desired. Cassandra ends up switching back and forth between the Doctor and Rose, which is rather quite hilarious. In the end the day is saved, but I wonder what the repercussions will be. Oh, and we also see the Face of Boe again. He apparently has something to tell the Doctor, but won’t say it until they meet the next time – the last time.

The second episode is “Tooth and Claw”. In all fairness, Rose and the Doctor do not end up in the 1870’s but the 1870s instead. And Rose totally acts like a fan-girl when she gets to meet Queen Victoria. But perhaps things would have turned out all right if it wasn’t for the aliens who are similar to werewolves who are around. But yeah, Rose and the Doctor act a little too cavalier for the queen’s taste. A pity they didn’t get to explain their perspective, though on second thought that may not have helped. And in all fairness, Queen Victoria does express her gratitude by knighting them before banishing them. This episode has immediate repercussions, though. This is where Torchwood is formed to counter aliens. Yeah, why do I get the feeling Torchwood is going to be important? Oh, and it is quite likely that the queen was bitten by the werewolf . . .


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