Doctor Who Series 2 Episodes 3-4

The first episode is “School Reunion”. What makes this episode particularly interesting is while investigating a school the Doctor runs into one of his old companions, Sarah Jane Smith. She and Rose are instantly jealous of each other, though they do eventually learn to work together and get over it. One thing is apparently the Doctor left Sarah (he may not have had choice) but he never contacted her again. She always felt very badly about that, although the Doctor’s perspective on the issue is enlightening. He does feel a bit bad for not even saying goodbye, but as he puts it, while they can spend all their life with him, he can’t spend all his life with them. As for Mickey, he realizes he hold the same spot in the group as Sarah’s robotic dog, K-9. This greatly depresses him. The aliens they encounter in the school are using the young minds of the students to figure out a giant equation that would give them complete power over time and space. They almost tempt the Doctor – he could use it to save his planet and his people – but Sarah reminds him this is not him. The information and the aliens and K-9 are destroyed. The Doctor tells Sarah goodbye this time when she decides her days traveling with him are over. She does suggest taking Mikey along, however, and the Doctor gives her a new K-9.

The second episode is “The Girl in the Fireplace”. In this episode we are back to the space station we have been to before. This time it is abandoned. Only one odd thing – somehow parts of the space station are linked to pre-Revolutionary France. In particular, it seems to be tracking one little girl, who ends up being Madame Pompadour when she grows up. Mechanical dolls dressed in old French finery keep intruding on her life. It is up to the Doctor, Rose, and Mickey to find out why. For some strange reason the dolls want Madame Pompadour’s head. We end up finding out they have been trying to repair the station with anything they have – including humans. However, they still need a central computer system. And the space station is the Madame Pompadour . . . The Doctor risks being trapped in time, but events leave him one way back. However, he misses his last time to see Madame Pompadour, who I think he did love.


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