Doctor Who Series 2 #5-6

Here is another two parter, and we are introduced to the Cybermen. I’m a bit sketchy, though, on how they are different from the Dalek, though. Aside from shape that is.

The first episode is “Rise of the Cybermen” and the second is “The Age of Steel”.

The Tardis somehow falls out of the time vortex – and into an alternate dimension. It is the London of Rose’s time but for example there are Zeppelin’s. Rose discovers that in this world her father is still alive and is rich and successful, but she was never born. We also learn a bit about Mickey – it seems that he was primarily raised by his grandmother who died a few years previous to our meeting him. His grandmother is still alive in this world. The Doctor warns about interfering with other dimensions, but of course neither Rose or Mickey listen. Interesting that in dropping out of the time vortex the Tardis looses all power except for one little cell and the Doctor uses his life force to energize the cell, though it will take time to complete.

Meanwhile, a rich and brilliant though medically challenged inventor has created a way to preserve the human brain even when the rest of the body is failing. He needs this technology to save himself, but no one will agree to legalize it. Pete, Rose’s father, works for this guy.

Micky is surprised to run into himself, though he calls himself Ricky, and this version is a resistance leader, mistrustful of the activities of the government and the inventor in particular.

Rose goes to see her parents at her mother’s birthday bash. It turns out that their marriage is not doing so well which distresses Rose.  This all gets put to the side when the inventor releases his creation, the cybermen – metal humans with human brains whose emotions have been cut off.  The Doctor, Rose, and Pete escape and run into Micky and Ricky and Ricky’s gang. The inventor uses earpieces everyone wears to take control of everyone in London and bring them to his factory to be made into cybermen. Rose and Pete are captured as is the Doctor. Ricky is killed as is one of his gang. Mikey and the other guy from the gang get to the Zeppelin that is controlling everyone’s ear pieces. It also destroys the chip that prevents emotions. The Cybermen destroy themselves. Pete is disturbed to find that Rose is his daughter. This dimension’s version of Jackie had been made into a Cyberman. Mickey decides to stay behind. This world needs him – the inventor had other factories around the world with Cybermen, and Rose cares about the Doctor more than him.


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