Doctor Who Series 2 Episodes 7-9

The first is a standalone episode called “The Idiot’s Lantern”. The Doctor and Rose are supposed to be going to New York the day Elvis goes on the Ed Sullivan show. Instead, they end up in London right before Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. Only one problem – people are having their faces and minds stolen. Even Rose gets her face stolen, which makes the Doctor very mad. They find a family with something of an uppity father where there is one of the victims. Usually the victims is taken away, but not in this case – not yet. In the end, it is an alien who is using the recently created televisions to drain people’s minds to create the energy she needs to get a physical body again. Yeah, she’s a criminal who barely escaped, but only her mind did. And while the boy and mother are happy to help the Doctor, but the father is another matter. He is so concerned with appearances and it turns out he is the one who has been reporting the victims. He even reports his own mother-in-law. The mother throws him out, but Rose convinces the son to keep the lines of communication open.

The next two episodes are a double set again: “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit”. The Doctor and Rose end up farther than the Doctor has even gone. They arrive on a station where there is writing so old even the Tardis can’t decipher it. Yeah, this station is on a rock – orbiting a black hole. This should not be possible, but there is some sort of field keeping the rock in place. There are also a strange race on board called the Ood who seem to live to serve others. They are also telepathic. So when strange events start taking place, I guess it isn’t too surprising that the Ood are affected. First there is a quake in which the Tardis is lost. The Doctor is forced to contemplate again being stuck in a particular time and place. Then people start dying and the Ood start acting up. There are all sorts of weird messages about the beast and such. In fact, drilling on this rock to find the power source that is keeping it in place has awakened what the black hole was to keep sealed forever. Fortunately, if it gets free it will just go into the black hole, but so will everyone else. Lots of discussion about belief and faith in this episode and what they mean. Also, the beast loves to play on everyone’s fears and nightmares. The one for the Doctor is interesting, calling him the destroyer of his own people. In the end, while half the crew is lost, about half make it out with the Doctor, who has regained the Tardis, and Rose.


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