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Doctor Who Film (1996)

The Doctor (seventh version) is bringing the Master’s remains back to Galafray, but the Master escapes, the Doctor lands on Earth shortly between Y2K, and is shot. One of the kids being shot at, Lee, calls an ambulance. Dr. Grace Holloway is called in when they discover cardiovascular abnormalities in the Doctor, but of course she doesn’t know anything about Time Lords and ends up accidentally killing him. He regenerates (eighth version) but at first doesn’t remember who he is. Fortunately, the Master’s interference soon gets him back up to speed. He has a bit of trouble convincing Grace to help him. The Master on the other hand has Lee helping him. In the end the Master is destroyed, and the Tardis brings Grace and Lee back to life and the world is saved.

Some thoughts. Slightly melodramatic. Interesting how the Tardis is mostly decorated as a vintage sitting room – mostly. Also interesting seeing the chapel in the center of the Tardis. This is apparently cannon, but it definitely has a different feel than the new series. However, I also can’t be too harsh since I haven’t seen any of the original series either. It was enjoyable, and I guess that is what matters most.


Doctor Who Series 2 Episodes #12-13

The first episode is “Army of Ghosts”. The Doctor and Rose go back to the present day, only to find tons of ghosts going around. They are now considered a part of daily life. However, the Doctor knows something is up. They end up going to Torchwood, who are doing temporal experiments that cause the ghosts. They also have found a sphere that they can’t open. The director of Torchwood is friendly enough and will listen, even though I don’t think she would let the Doctor go. However she soon has bigger problems. The ghosts are the Cybermen from the parallel dimension. Yep, Micky is back. And the sphere holds the last four Delaks.

The second episode is “Doomsday”. Thank goodness the Cybermen and Daleks can’t get along. The Doctor gets taken back to the parallel world. It turns out the sphere caused a temporal rift, through which the Cybermen escaped. The Doctor finds a way to get rid of all of them – activate a rift through which anything that has traveled through time (and that includes dimensions) will be sucked back into nothingness. Pete and Micky and their team will be safe in the parallel universe and after a touching reunion of sorts Pete and Jackie are ready to be together even though they aren’t their dimension’s original. However, Rose insists on staying with the Doctor, even though she is at risk. She does end up getting sucked away, but Pete grabs her and takes her into the parallel world. Rose and the Doctor are heartbroken at this, since the rift is closing and can’t be recreated. The Doctor even uses the power of  a sun to say goodbye to Rose. I think he was even going to express his feelings, but he was cut off. That is when a redhead shows up in the Tardis in a wedding dress wondering where she is . . .

Doctor Who Series 2 Episodes 10-11

The first episode here is “Love and Monsters”. This is I think the first episode from a point of view that is not that of the Doctor or his companion. In this case this is the story of  Elton, a guy who once saw the Doctor as a child. He meets Ursula who is also interested in the Doctor. She introduces him to three others who share their unusual interest. Ostensibly they become a club to try and find the Doctor, but in reality they just enjoy each other’s company. Until one day a guy shows up and gets them organized. Elton actually finds Jackie and strikes up a friendship with her. At first it is just to get close to Rose and therefore the Doctor, neither of whom are around, but sadly he ends up liking Jakie for herself just at the time she finds out what he is up to. He decides to quit working for the new guy with Ursula. Turns out though that the new guy is an alien who has absorbed the other members of their club. He absorbs Ursula. Elton gets away briefly but is cornered, but then the Doctor and Rose show up. The other members of his group destroy the alien from the inside. The doctor manages to save Ursula – sort of. She is now a stone. It turns out it was an alien who killed Eltons’ mother years earlier and that is how he saw the Doctor. At the end Elton wonders what sort of price Rose and Jackie will pay for being with the Doctor.

The next episode is “Fear Her”. Rose and the Doctor go to the year 2012 where the Olympics will apparently be in London. They come to a street getting ready for the Olympics, but people are disappearing. It turns out a little girl has been possessed by an alien and when she draws she traps the people she draws in her creations. The alien is also a child and is lonely, being separated from its people and not being able to leave Earth on its own. The Doctor even gets trapped, but Rose finds the alien’s spaceship and she and the Doctor manage to get it off and save the Olympics.

JMS Script Book #15

First off, we have a photo of original concept art for the Babylon 5 logo on the back cover. Inside are so many amazing things. There is the series spec sheet that JMS (along with John Copeland and Doug Netter) dragged around to TV executives for five years. There is the Bablyon 5 writer’s bible which JMS made to help other writers get up to speed with the B5 universe. There is a production draft of “The Gathering”. Yeah, remember that draft back in volume one? It is an earlier version. We also have a first draft of “The Sky Full of Stars” which was used to get an idea of budget requirements, and while similar in some ways is also very different. Also included is the first draft of “Soul Hunters”, which is again very different – this is the script JMS felt was too much like Star Trek. A real treat is the additions JMS made to the script “The Exercise of Vital Powers” as payback to Andreas Katsulas and Peter Jurasik. But the two prizes of most worth are at the end. The first is a brief but complete treatment of Babylon 5 as it would have happened if Sinclair had stayed. All I can say is, wow. Finally, we have Joe cuts, which catalogs every major difference between the scripts and what was actually shown. For those who stuck it out and bought the first fourteen volumes, this volume is very much a highlight of the collection.

Doctor Who Christmas Special (2006): The Runaway Bride

Donna Noble is just about to say, “I do,” when she finds herself in the Tardis. To put it simply, she is not happy to be there. The Doctor is just as surprised to see her there as anyone else. He spends some effort trying to get her back – pity the Tardis isn’t more precise in this instance – and just when she gets fed up and gets a cab the Doctor sees it is being driven by a fake Santa, just like the ones last Christmas. The Doctor manages to rescue Donna and she is a bit more willing to listen. She tells how she met her fiancée (he brought her coffee when she joined his company) and the Doctor wonders why anyone clearly extraterrestrial is interested in someone so ordinary as Donna. He does get her back to her reception. Things are going well there, even if she isn’t married yet, when the Doctor sees the Santas are back. The Santas and the Christmas trees attack. Fortunately, the Doctor is able to neutralize them. The Doctor with Donna and Fiancée go to the company where they work, where the Doctor sees is another base from Torchwood underground. There they find a spider creature. She wants nourishment for her children. Hence the reason why lover-boy gave Donna coffee with time particles that attracted her to the Tardis. Yeah, lover-boy was in league with spider-lady the whole time and didn’t love Donna. She is naturally devastated. The Doctor and Donna escape and he takes them to the creation of our solar system. Turns out the core is really a dormant hive of spider people waiting to be woken. They go back and Donna gets captured. Lover-boy has been saturated with time particles as well by now. However, the Doctor already has a plan in place. He gives spider-lady one last warning which she ignores. So he basically floods the area with the Thames River, destroying it all. The Doctor takes Donna home. He sees her later and offers to let her travel with him. She refuses because the Doctor scares her as much as he excites her, but she does tell him he needs to take someone else with him. Yeah, the Doctor has mentioned Rose to Donna. So the Doctor continues on his journeys and Donna is left behind.