Doctor Who Christmas Special (2006): The Runaway Bride

Donna Noble is just about to say, “I do,” when she finds herself in the Tardis. To put it simply, she is not happy to be there. The Doctor is just as surprised to see her there as anyone else. He spends some effort trying to get her back – pity the Tardis isn’t more precise in this instance – and just when she gets fed up and gets a cab the Doctor sees it is being driven by a fake Santa, just like the ones last Christmas. The Doctor manages to rescue Donna and she is a bit more willing to listen. She tells how she met her fiancée (he brought her coffee when she joined his company) and the Doctor wonders why anyone clearly extraterrestrial is interested in someone so ordinary as Donna. He does get her back to her reception. Things are going well there, even if she isn’t married yet, when the Doctor sees the Santas are back. The Santas and the Christmas trees attack. Fortunately, the Doctor is able to neutralize them. The Doctor with Donna and Fiancée go to the company where they work, where the Doctor sees is another base from Torchwood underground. There they find a spider creature. She wants nourishment for her children. Hence the reason why lover-boy gave Donna coffee with time particles that attracted her to the Tardis. Yeah, lover-boy was in league with spider-lady the whole time and didn’t love Donna. She is naturally devastated. The Doctor and Donna escape and he takes them to the creation of our solar system. Turns out the core is really a dormant hive of spider people waiting to be woken. They go back and Donna gets captured. Lover-boy has been saturated with time particles as well by now. However, the Doctor already has a plan in place. He gives spider-lady one last warning which she ignores. So he basically floods the area with the Thames River, destroying it all. The Doctor takes Donna home. He sees her later and offers to let her travel with him. She refuses because the Doctor scares her as much as he excites her, but she does tell him he needs to take someone else with him. Yeah, the Doctor has mentioned Rose to Donna. So the Doctor continues on his journeys and Donna is left behind.


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