Doctor Who Film (1996)

The Doctor (seventh version) is bringing the Master’s remains back to Galafray, but the Master escapes, the Doctor lands on Earth shortly between Y2K, and is shot. One of the kids being shot at, Lee, calls an ambulance. Dr. Grace Holloway is called in when they discover cardiovascular abnormalities in the Doctor, but of course she doesn’t know anything about Time Lords and ends up accidentally killing him. He regenerates (eighth version) but at first doesn’t remember who he is. Fortunately, the Master’s interference soon gets him back up to speed. He has a bit of trouble convincing Grace to help him. The Master on the other hand has Lee helping him. In the end the Master is destroyed, and the Tardis brings Grace and Lee back to life and the world is saved.

Some thoughts. Slightly melodramatic. Interesting how the Tardis is mostly decorated as a vintage sitting room – mostly. Also interesting seeing the chapel in the center of the Tardis. This is apparently cannon, but it definitely has a different feel than the new series. However, I also can’t be too harsh since I haven’t seen any of the original series either. It was enjoyable, and I guess that is what matters most.


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  1. mffanrodders on

    I liked the look of this at the time, but never got around to getting it. I’ll have a look at Amazon or Play to see if i can get one cheap.

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