Doctor Who Series 2 Episodes 10-11

The first episode here is “Love and Monsters”. This is I think the first episode from a point of view that is not that of the Doctor or his companion. In this case this is the story of  Elton, a guy who once saw the Doctor as a child. He meets Ursula who is also interested in the Doctor. She introduces him to three others who share their unusual interest. Ostensibly they become a club to try and find the Doctor, but in reality they just enjoy each other’s company. Until one day a guy shows up and gets them organized. Elton actually finds Jackie and strikes up a friendship with her. At first it is just to get close to Rose and therefore the Doctor, neither of whom are around, but sadly he ends up liking Jakie for herself just at the time she finds out what he is up to. He decides to quit working for the new guy with Ursula. Turns out though that the new guy is an alien who has absorbed the other members of their club. He absorbs Ursula. Elton gets away briefly but is cornered, but then the Doctor and Rose show up. The other members of his group destroy the alien from the inside. The doctor manages to save Ursula – sort of. She is now a stone. It turns out it was an alien who killed Eltons’ mother years earlier and that is how he saw the Doctor. At the end Elton wonders what sort of price Rose and Jackie will pay for being with the Doctor.

The next episode is “Fear Her”. Rose and the Doctor go to the year 2012 where the Olympics will apparently be in London. They come to a street getting ready for the Olympics, but people are disappearing. It turns out a little girl has been possessed by an alien and when she draws she traps the people she draws in her creations. The alien is also a child and is lonely, being separated from its people and not being able to leave Earth on its own. The Doctor even gets trapped, but Rose finds the alien’s spaceship and she and the Doctor manage to get it off and save the Olympics.


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