Doctor Who Series 2 Episodes #12-13

The first episode is “Army of Ghosts”. The Doctor and Rose go back to the present day, only to find tons of ghosts going around. They are now considered a part of daily life. However, the Doctor knows something is up. They end up going to Torchwood, who are doing temporal experiments that cause the ghosts. They also have found a sphere that they can’t open. The director of Torchwood is friendly enough and will listen, even though I don’t think she would let the Doctor go. However she soon has bigger problems. The ghosts are the Cybermen from the parallel dimension. Yep, Micky is back. And the sphere holds the last four Delaks.

The second episode is “Doomsday”. Thank goodness the Cybermen and Daleks can’t get along. The Doctor gets taken back to the parallel world. It turns out the sphere caused a temporal rift, through which the Cybermen escaped. The Doctor finds a way to get rid of all of them – activate a rift through which anything that has traveled through time (and that includes dimensions) will be sucked back into nothingness. Pete and Micky and their team will be safe in the parallel universe and after a touching reunion of sorts Pete and Jackie are ready to be together even though they aren’t their dimension’s original. However, Rose insists on staying with the Doctor, even though she is at risk. She does end up getting sucked away, but Pete grabs her and takes her into the parallel world. Rose and the Doctor are heartbroken at this, since the rift is closing and can’t be recreated. The Doctor even uses the power of  a sun to say goodbye to Rose. I think he was even going to express his feelings, but he was cut off. That is when a redhead shows up in the Tardis in a wedding dress wondering where she is . . .


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