Babylon 5: Other Voices #1

JMS wrote most of the episodes for Babylon 5, but he didn’t write them all. Here we have six scripts and one outline. Larry DiTillio was story editor for the show. He talks about how he met JMS and about writing the scripts “Born to the Purple” and “Deathwalker”. D.C. Fontana talks about writing “The War Prayer”. David Gerrold tells about writing “Believers” and about the outline for “Laser-Mirror-Starweb”, which was never produced but was turned into a comic. Marc Scott Zicree talks abut writing “Survivors”. Christy Marx talks about writing “Grail”, and includes some photos with the cast. It is interesting – in some cases JMS hardly touched the script. In others, he revised heavily. The reactions to this are varied. Usually the earlier script is included in this volume, making for an interesting read.


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  1. tom on

    hi cindy!
    i am a fan of babylon5 and i would like to share this thought with you as you probably remember in the last episodes after the fall of centauri prime there are many isues left untied,i have tried to write to the warner brothers straczynsky boxleitner anyone in order to get an answer to my questions but anyway the issue at hand is this i hope they make just one episode in the futere where the drakh get their ass´ses kicked out of centauri prime not that i have any special love for the centauri but the sneaky way they seem to have got to just about everywhere using their spider like controllers that become one with the host also it would be nice to know how they got rid of the controller waiting in the vase londo gave as present to sheridans and delenns son i write these things to you because i want someone out there in the world to know i think of these things especially as i feel michael sraczinsky will not make the futere episodes that will tie these mysteries up otherwise i feel babylon5 is a good series i also like star-trek stargate etc so you can see i like to exercise a broad mind other people only like certain series or things but i favour many good things,anyway if you have time please write to me and give your opinion concerning the drahks and why sraczinsky will not write an episode to clear the drahk issue thanks anyway tom

    • sakuraember on

      Actually, you are in luck. There are no episodes or movies that chronicle the Drakh War, but there is a trilogy of books collectively called Legions of Fire by Peter David: The Long Night of Centauri Prime, Armies of Light and Dark, and Out of the Darkness. Well worth reading for any fan in my opinion^^;

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