Doctor Who Series 3 Episodes 1-3

The first episode is “Smith and Jones”, which is our first introduction to Martha Jones, a medical student. Her family seems rather fractured, with Martha trying to hold them together. She bumps into the Doctor (she doesn’t know it is him) and he says, “See like this.” Later she runs into the Doctor in the hospital where she works (he uses the name John Smith), only he doesn’t remember seeing her earlier. The whole hospital is basically scooped up and taken to the moon by these rhino mercenaries. They have no interest in the humans, but they are searching for an escaped alien convict. Martha ends up helping the Doctor, who has a bit of a time trying to keep away from the mercenaries. Since he isn’t human, he would be a suspect. They find the hospital director dead, which confirms the Doctor’s suspicions. He kisses Martha, leaving some of his DNA on her to stall the mercenaries while he goes to find the convict. The convict is an alien that lives off blood and takes the traits of those whose blood she drinks. The drinks the Doctor’s blood, but this marks her as not human as he is not human. She is killed by the mercenaries but not before she sets a machine to destroy the hospital. Martha revives the Doctor who sets off the machine, but by then the oxygen there is very low. Fortunately, the mercenaries return the hospital to earth. After a somewhat disastrous birthday party with her family, Martha finds the Doctor waiting for her. He offers to take her on one trip in thanks for her help, mentioning Rose and saying he would rather as a rule travel alone now. Martha agrees.

The next episode is “The Shakespeare Code”. The Doctor decides to take Martha to visit Shakespeare, who is really quite clever himself and sees through much of the Doctor’s facade. He is currently working on Love’s Labor Found, the companion piece to Love’s Labor Lost. Note – in real life both plays are real, but while we have record of Love’s Labor Found, the actual text is missing. Anyway, little does the Doctor (or Shakespeare for that matter) know that there are three hags (apparently the inspiration for the three witches in Macbeth later) who are really aliens using Shakespeare and his current play to break out of their prison, at which time the whole earth will fade. The manager of the theater is killed by drowning even though he is nowhere near water, leaving the play free to be performed. The Doctor and Martha find the witches. They immobilize Martha by using her name, but since they don’t know the Doctor’s true name he is free. They use something very voodoo (how they killed the manager) and a piece of the Doctor’s hair to stab him. Fortunately, time lords are tougher than that. They get to the play and with Shakespeare’s help (he is a genius) use words to seal the witches again. Unfortunately, all copies of the play were lost in the fight. The Doctor strongly suggests to Shakespeare that he not rewrite Love’s Labor Found since words have power. And that is when Queen Elizabeth I comes in and at the sight of the Doctor orders his head. He wonders what he did to deserve this, though I think he is rather looking forward to finding out.

The third episode is “Gridlock”. This time the Doctor takes Martha to the future, New Earth. Only this time it looks a little grungy and very congested traffic wise. Mood altering drugs are very popular. People have lived twenty-years on the underground expressway lucky to move a few feet a day. Martha gets kidnapped by a young couple desperate to use the fast lane (requires three people in a vehicle). Meanwhile the Face of Boe knows the Doctor is there and he sends his helper, a cat person, out to find him. The Doctor meanwhile is frantically trying to reach Martha. Martha’s car reaches the fast lane, but then the car ahead of them is eaten by huge crab-like aliens. The Doctor is near when the cat person finds him and takes him to the Face of Boe. This is in the remains of the government on the surface. Turns out the drugs mutated and became an airborne virus that killed everyone within seconds. The Face of Boe has been keeping the survivors underground in never ending gridlock to protect them. However, the virus is gone now. Using the last of the power from the Face of Boe, the Doctor unseals the motorways and everyone (including Martha’s group) escapes to the surface. This kills the Face of Boe, but not before he tells the Doctor his message: “You are not alone.” The Doctor doesn’t believe this – he would know if any of his people survived. Martha , who had been frustrated about the Doctor’s reluctance to talk about himself or what happened to Rose finally opens up a bit, telling about the Time War and how he is the last of the time lords.


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