Doctor Who: Series 3 Episodes 4-5

The first episode is “Daleks in Manhattan”. This time Martha and the Doctor go back to New York at the beginning of the Great Depression when the Empire State Building is being built. They come across a camp called Hooverville full of homeless people  who have no where else to go. Some get jobs working on the Empire State Building. However not all is well, and not just economically. People are disappearing. When the Doctor  investigate, he finds people pigs – yes, these pigs were once people and they can still walk upright, though sadly their minds are closer to that of a pig. They find one gal looking for a guy – and they find him. He was one of the lucky ones. He managed to escape before the changing process was complete. Actually he kidnaps Martha, which is a primary cause of the Doctor investigating further. Eventually we find the masterminds behind this are the four Darleks who were to think like feeling creatures for the others and who managed to escape both the Time War and the events of “Doomsday” at the end of series 2. They want to create a Dalek/human hybrid because the Darlek race can’t survive as it is now.

The second episode is “Evolution of the Daleks”. The Doctor and Martha escape with the girl and her boyfriend, but the Daleks attack Hooverville. The Doctor gives himself up to save them. The pig-human who is still mostly human follows. He learns from the new Dalek-human that the plan is to inject humans with Dalek DNA creating a new Dalek-human race. The technology of the 1930’s isn’t enough to accomplish this so the Daleks are going to use a solar flair for power and force the Doctor to finish adjusting the machine to do this. Meanwhile Martha goes with the girl to the tip of the Empire State Building, trying to figure out the Dalek’s plan as well. The Daleks turn on the Dalek-human as he is no longer Dalek enough. The pig-human helps the Doctor escape. Once at the top of the Empire State Building the Doctor goes to try and undo the mechanism that the Dalek set up there. He gets electrocuted. Fortunately, it takes more than that to kill a Time Lord. The others manage to hold off the Daleks. However, the Doctor wasn’t able to stop the power from being sent down to where most of the Daleks are. The Doctor finds out where they are. It is too late – there is now an army of humans with Dalek brains. Or is that the case? It turns out that because the Doctor was the one in contact with the machine at the time, giving them some Time Lord DNA – enough for them to resist. The Daleks kill them, but not before three of them are destroyed. The fourth escapes. The human-pig is doing poorly – they are only meant to last a few weeks. The Doctor is able to fix him enough that he will live, even if he has to keep his rather unusual face.


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