Doctor Who Series 3 Episodes 6-7

The first episode is “The Lazarus Experiment”. The Doctor drops Martha off back home. A call from her mother prompts them to turn on the TV to see Tish, Martha’s sister. She is with a Doctor Lazarus who says he will change what it means to be human. After realizing what that could mean, the Doctor decides to stick around. They go to a black tie affair where Doctor Lazarus, who is probably in his seventies or eighties, turns himself back to his prime. His wife and partner wants him to turn her young again too, but he kills her. He also starts acting weird. Turns out whatever Doctor Lazarus did causes him to be unstable and it has activated a part of his DNA that is supposed to be inactive. He lures Trish up to his office. Fortunately the Doctor and Martha get up there soon enough to save her. Martha and Tish get everyone else while the Doctor distracts Doctor Lazarus, then the Doctor and Martha take shelter in his machine. Doctor Lazarus turns it on, but the Doctor manages to deflect the affects, turning Doctor Lazarus back into a human. He appears dead, but escapes. Martha and Trish go with the Doctor to stop him. They find him in a cathedral. Martha and Trish distract Doctor Lazarus while the Doctor sets up the organ to complement his sonic screwdriver, causing Doctor Lazarus to fall to his death. Later the Doctor says Martha can come with him as more than just a passenger. As they leave, her mother leaves a message saying how Mr. Saxon told her how dangerous the Doctor is . . . And Mr. Saxton is the one who funded Doctor Lazarus’ project . . .

The next episode is “42”. In this episode, after the Doctor sets Martha’s phone for universal roaming, they get a distress signal. It is a spacecraft falling towards a sun. The Doctor and Martha get separated from the Tardis. The ship’s engines are dead. They have just forty-two minutes to get the ship started again. The Doctor works on repairing the engines while Martha helps get through thirty dead-locked doors to the bridge. One person on the ship has been infected and is acting strangely. He first attacks the doctor then others. To escape him Martha and the guy she is with go into an escape pod which the affected guy jettisons. Martha calls her mother but hangs up when she is asked about the Doctor. Who is with her mother? The Doctor manages to get the escape pod back but get infected himself. It is all he can do to control himself.  The captain admits they drew fuel from the star not knowing it was sentient. He tells Martha to tell the crew to dump the engines. The captain apologizes to the infected man and dumps them out an airlock. The crew manage to get to the bridge just in time and they dump the fuel. The entity leaves the Doctor. After making sure the remaining crew will be okay, the Doctor gives Martha the key to the Tardis.


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