Doctor Who Series 3 Episodes 8-10

The first episode is: Human Nature.

The family of blood is chasing the Doctor – ordinarily they live only a few months but with the Doctor’s life they could live much longer. He ends up giving a pocket watch to Martha to guard . . . We next find the Doctor and Martha in Edwardian England. He is a professor at a school for boys and Martha is his maid. He has dreams about being a Time Lord, the Tardis, and everything else, but doesn’t seem to actually remember who he really is. Martha does remember and is busy keeping an eye on him. Meanwhile, the Doctor seems very happy being human, and is even falling in love with a nurse at the school, much to Martha’s anguish. All of what makes him a time lord is in the watch. People are disappearing. One of the school boys disappears – taken by the family of blood and used as a host. Another boy, a younger one who is being bullied a bit, talks with the Doctor. He touches the watch while the Doctor goes to get something and sees a lot – who the Doctor really is, his future in World War I, and more. He takes the watch. This attracts the attention of the family of blood. Another maid is taken and made a member of the family of blood too. They find the school and Martha, but Martha realizes who they are. She runs to find the Doctor, but he doesn’t have the watch and the family of blood find them and take the nurse and Martha as hostages . . .

The second episode is: Family of Blood.

The boy with the watch opens the watch briefly. This is all Martha needs to get free and hold the family of blood while everyone else gets out. Martha tries to find the watch. She is confronted by the nurse, but the nurse has seen enough to realize the Doctor is not who he seems. Meanwhile the family of blood go to the school after getting the Tardis. At first the students and teachers hold them off, but not for long. Fortunately the boy with the watch does manage to keep out of their hands. In the end, the family of blood kill the headmaster. Martha, the Doctor, and the nurse manage to escape and are found by the boy with the watch. However, the Doctor likes being human and doesn’t want to be a time lord any more. However, the family of blood is using their ship to attack the area. Using the watch, the Doctor and the nurse see what their life together could have been like. The Doctor goes aboard the ship belonging to the family of blood acting still human, but he really isn’t, and it was enough for him to basically set their ship to self destruct. Then the Doctor finds fitting punishments for each of the family of blood. The Doctor goes back to the nurse to tell her it is all over and to invite her to go with him. However, the Doctor as time lord is not who she loved so she refuses. Later, the moment the boy who held the watch saw during World War I happens. He recognizes it and is able to avoid being killed thanks to it. Years later he sees the Doctor and Martha briefly.

The third episode is: Blink.

A girl named Sally comes to an old house to do some photography. It has a number of striking features, including some statues of angels. The statues move . . . The next day she returns with a friend. The friends sees an angel and goes into the past. Sally gets a letter from her friend saying how she ended up maybe 100 years earlier but she had a good life. There are strange messages that Sally starts getting from the Doctor. Sally meets a detective, but he goes into the past too. He is still alive in the present day – barely. He ended up owning a DVD company and put the messages hidden in there at the request of the Doctor. She goes to the DVD store guy she met earlier and they reconstruct the whole message from the Doctor. It turns out that the Doctor and Martha are stuck in the time the detective went to. The weeping angels stole the key to the Tardis. Weeping angels are creatures that can send you back in time and can move incredibly fast, but they can’t actually move when you look at them. The message ends, and they realize it is because the angels are there. Sally and the DVD guy make it to the Tardis and get inside. The Doctor programed the Tardis to go back to where he was, leaving Sally and the DVD guy stranded. Fortunately, the angels looked at each other and froze each other. A year later, Sally and the DVD guy are an item, but Sally is still worrying about the Doctor. She has a file full of everything from her experience. She sees the Doctor and Martha before they are trapped in the past, and she gives them the file.


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