Doctor Who Christmas Special (2007) Voyage of the Damned

After running into the Titanic, the Tardis is able to repair itself. The Doctor then goes to look around. It turns out that this Titanic is the space version of a luxury cruise. The ship is there above Earth of the modern day to see our primitive culture, especially the holiday of Christmas. The historian guide has lots of mistaken but interesting ideas about what Christmas is really about^^; It doesn’t help that so much has happened on Christmas in London that the only two people left is the Queen and Wilfred who we later learn is Dona’s grandfather. The Doctor decides to stay on the ship and makes friends with a waitress named Astrid and a very cute couple who are very out of place – they one the lottery for passage on this ship. We also meet a small alien with red skin and spikes and a man who is clearly of the elite. But not all is well on the ship. The captain drops the ships shields and three meteors hit the ship, killing most of the people on board. He shoots a midshipman named Alonzo before doing so. The Doctor gets Alonzo to stabilize the ship at least for the moment, which is good because if the ship hit the earth with its nuclear engines that would be very bad. Meanwhile, his group is being attacked by angels which are supposed to serve the guests. The cute couple and another guy fall into a pit. The red spiky short guy sacrifices himself to protect them from the angels, even though he has fallen in love with Astrid and they are now engaged. The Doctor gets the angels to take them to whoever is ordering them – the owner of the ship, who it turns out has little less left than his head and torso, the torso which is in a box. He has worked very hard to hide this, but is being pushed out by the equivalent of the board of directors, so he wants to crash the ship and have the board take the blame. He, of course, would be safe in a crash-proof box. Astrid sacrifices herself by pushing the owner into the pit. The angels no longer being hostile, the Doctor uses them to get to the bridge and help fly the ship out of the atmosphere, saving the Earth. A bit of Astrid is left thanks to the telaport device they used earlier, but the ship is too damaged to pull her all the way back so the Doctor changes her into semi-sentient particles. So Alonzo, the historian, and the rich guy are the only ones who survive. The Doctor allows the historian to get lost in present day Earth. The Doctor finds the Tardis, which had fallen out of the ship when the meteors hit.


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