Babylon 5: Other Voices #2

Once again we have more lovely Babylon 5 scripts written by others. Katheryn Drennan wrote the amazing “By Any Means Necessary”. Larry DiTillio is back with “TKO”, “Eyes”, and “Spider in the Web”. D.C. Fontana is also back with “Legacies” and “A Distant Star”. They all share their experiences working with JMS and meeting cast and crew, and how they got chosen to write these scripts. In most cases these scripts are earlier drafts. As always included is an index of what was cut and what was changed. The draft for “TKO” even includes notes on things to change. Another interesting volume for the Babylon 5 fan.


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  1. mffanrodders on

    I remember there being a set of books based on B5 back in the day which all some how linked in to the original series or expanded on plotlines that weren’t finished to JMS’ satisfaction. I didn’t get them at the time and always regretted it so i intend at some stage to try and go back and get a 2nd have copy of them. Have you ready any of them?

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