Doctor Who Series 4 Episodes 4-5

The first episode is “The Sontaran Stratagem”.

Remember how Martha left her cell phone with the Doctor so she could call him? Well she does so now. So it is back to the present day for the Doctor and Donna. Martha and Donna get along fine, but there is one wrinkle. Martha is now a full fledged physician working for UNIT, which Donna does not entirely approve of. Martha called the Doctor back because of the Atmos system, developed by a teen genius it provides perfect navigation and zero emissions. However, the suspicion is that it is not human technology. Worse, there have been reported a number of fatalities recently from Atmos vehicles. It is especially suspicious because many of these deaths occurred simultaneously. When they go to talk with the teen genius, the Doctor and Donna barely escape their vehicle which starts acting crazy. The Doctor does have enough evidence to prove that yes aliens are involved. These aliens are warlike and are using Atmos, mind control, and clones to take over. They even capture Martha and make a clone of her. Dona does tell her grandfather, Wilfrid, about the Doctor but can’t bring herself to tell her mother. When the Doctor investigates the Atmos device on a car, he discovers that it can be reversed and emit poisonous gases. And that is exactly what happens as the aliens cause the Atmos devices all over the world to simultaneously reverse and start poisoning the atmosphere. And Wilfred is trapped in his car . . .

The second episode is “The Poison Sky”. The Doctor and Donna manage to get Wilfred out of his car at least and him and Donna’s mother to relative safety. The Doctor has Donna get into the Tardis – which after clone Martha tells them of its position the aliens then pull onto their ship. The teen genius realizes that the aliens never intended on taking him or his students from Earth. They also block their telaport device. The Doctor talks with the aliens, and he learns they are transforming Earth into a planet friendly to them. UNIT tries to launch missiles, but clone Martha stops them. The Doctor realizes that missile launches would not hurt the aliens but would disrupt what they are doing to the atmosphere. So they call in the calvary – the huge air fortress we saw at the end of season 3 literally gives UNIT some breathing room. The Doctor gives Donna instructions to reactivate the telaport devices and he also finds the real Martha, knowing all along that the other was a clone. He has Martha keep blocking the missile launch. With the telaport open, he gets Donna and the Tardis off the alien ship. He then goes to the teen genius’s estate. At the estate is more than enough equipment to make another atmosphere conversion device – this time on that will restore things to the way they should be. It works like a charm, but the Doctor knows the aliens won’t give so much. He telaports to their ship to give them one last chance before he will destroy their ship and them with it. The teen telaports the Doctor back and takes his place when the aliens refuse. All is back to normal and the Atmos devices are being dismantled. Martha goes into the Tardis to say goodbye to the Doctor and Donna, but then the Tardis goes off on its own initiative . . .


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