Stargate SG1 Season 1 Episodes 1&2

These two episodes, “The Children of the Gods”, constitute the pilot of the series, connecting the movie with the series. After the excitement in the movies, Jack has retired. Only one problem – after a year of nothing the Stargate activated again and aliens came in and kidnapped one soldier and killed others. One of them had glowing eyes like the alien Ra did. It comes out that Jack lied about what happened to the Egyptian archeologist Daniel – he said Daniel was dead when in reality he is living happily with his wife on another world. In any event, General Hammond is now in charge of the Stargate program and he is rather militaristic. He is also not happy when he hears the truth of what happened on the other world over a year earlier. Jack wants to see if their is a threat before they do anything drastic, so he sends a box of kleenex through the gate – Daniel has allergies. The box comes back empty with a note from Daniels. So Jack now has permission to go through and do some reconnaissance. Among others who when through the Stargate the first time is added Sam, a captain in the army and an astrophysicist which Jack does not like. General Hammond doesn’t like the idea, but the Joint Chiefs do and Sam does have a point – the aliens don’t They find Daniel and his friends quite happy and well. They have seen nothing since Jack left. Daniel has a theory that there are more than one Stargate. The reason why Sam’s team has been unable to go to other worlds is that in several thousand years the stars have aligned differently. The world Daniel is on is one of the closest which is why the code for that world still works. Sam says they could redshift the stars positions to make them current. While Daniel, Jack, and most of Jack’s team are gone aliens come through the Stargate and kidnap Daniel’s wife, and a friendly kid and they injure the members of Jack’s team who were left behind. Daniel decides to go back to Earth to search for his wife. He has already taught the people on the desert world how to bury the Stargate. He will try to come back in one year, but if not he tells them to bury their Stargate permanently. Back on Earth, one of the injured men saw the code the aliens used. They put together another team to follow. Reluctantly General Hammond agrees to let Daniel go. It is sad, though. These aliens use humans as hosts. The female soldier is killed when she is not an acceptable host. Daniel’s wife is made host to the alien queen. She doesn’t even acknowledge Daniel when he sees her. Daniel, Sam, and Jack are put with other prisoners. The kid and another female are taken to also be hosts. Jack talks one alien, Teal’c, into helping them. They escape with the other prisoners. The aliens leave before they can get to the Stargate, the kid now infected with an alien blasting back Jack. No one sees the key to where they went. More soldiers are after them. Daniel opens the Stargate back to Earth and Sam sends an encoded signal to let General Hammond know it is them – they now have a titanium shield they can block even an activated Stargate with. They get the refuges and Teal’c through. Jack of course is the last one through. His second is near the last, and before he goes through an alien attaches to him. . .


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