Doctor Who Series 4 Episodes 6&7

The first episode is ” The Doctor’s Daughter”.

So the Tardis kidnaps the Doctor, Donna, and Martha. As soon as they leave the Tardis they are surrounded by armed humans. There has been a generations long war between the humans and fish aliens, both after something known as the source. The Doctor is taken to a machine and from his DNA a female soldier is created. Having no name, Donna calls her Jenny. Martha is captured by the fish aliens, but they treat her nicely enough. The general doesn’t trust the Doctor, Donna, or Jenny (since was made from the Doctor) because of the Doctor’s pacifist ways so they are locked up. Jenny uses her wiles to trick their way out. The Doctor already told the soldiers how to get to the source, so as soon as he is free he with Donna and Jenny head to the Source too. Meanwhile, Martha and the fish people find where the source is too. Most of the fish people go one way, but Martha gets to the surface with one. He sacrifices his life to save her from quicksand. She finds the Doctor. Meanwhile, Donna has noticed a number pattern. In the end they discover that the ship has only been crashed for seven days and the machines have been making them go through generations at an accelerated rate. The truth is the captain of the ship was killed. Our heroes make it to the source first, but the soldiers are right behind them. so are the fish people. The source is a terra-forming machine. After explaining this, the Doctor declares the war over. Everyone lays down their weapons but the leader of the humans who shoots at the Doctor. Jenny takes the bullet instead. The Doctor is devastated, but everyone is now convinced to lay down their weapons. After a final service for Jenny, the Doctor takes Martha home who has decided she can’t take traveling with the Doctor any more. Back on the planet, Jenny wakes and takes the spaceship back out into space . . .

The second episode is “The Unicorn and the Wasp”. This time the Doctor and Donna visit a party featuring Agatha Christy. It would be the day Agatha Christy disappears for ten days and then reappears with no memory. Of course there begin a string of murders following the pattern of one of Agatha Christy’s books, but there are several odd things starting with a giant wasp that Donna is the first to see. Others see it too. The murderer tries to poison the Doctor, but fortunately Time Lords are not that easy to kill. At dinner they hear the sound of a wasp again, but the lights go out. The lady of the house’s son is stabbed and her jewel necklace is stolen. So the Doctor, Donna, and Agatha Christy start piecing together what happened. The theft and the murders are two different crimes. A criminal known as the Unicorn managed to infiltrate the party and it is she who stole the necklace. The lady of the house confesses that while in India she said she contracted malaria but really she was attracted to a man who was really an alien and bore his child. The necklace was supposed to link her telepathically to the child, but the child was put up for adoption. The link didn’t work exactly as planned – when the lady became enamored of Agatha Christy’s books her child who happens to be the reverend of the village discovered his heritage and becoming enraged began to act out the book. The reverend turns into the giant wasp and threatens everyone. Agatha grabs the necklace and lures the wasp off. The Doctor and Donna give chase. Agatha throws the necklace into a lake and the wasp goes after it and dies. Having contact with the necklace, Agatha faints and when she wakes ten days later remembers nothing. However as the Doctor points out she still unconsciously remembered something – one of her books features wasps prominently.


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