Babylon 5: Other Voices #3

This volume has some very interesting episodes: “The Long Dark” by Scott Frost, “Soul Mates” is one of my favorites by Peter David who also did “There All the Honor Lies”, “Gropos” and “Knives” by Larry DiTillo, and of course “Day of the Dead” by Neil Gaiman. Peter David describes how “Soul Mates” wouldn’t come right at first – until he got Londo’s wives right, and then they wouldn’t leave him alone and how “Soul Mates” lead into “There All the Honor Lies”. He also describes the teddy bear prank with JMS and how it got a little out of control. Larry DiTillo tells how he wrote the part of Franklin’s father in “Gropos” for James Earl Jones and while that didn’t work out they found another wonderful actor and the brawl flop. He also tells how baseball was included in “Knives”. JMS himself gives a wonderful introduction to “Day of the Dead”. There are footnotes that share Neil Gaiman’s comments on the scrip. And as a bonus we get a small encyclopedia describing the alien races in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and a brief glossary of Narn, Centauri, and Minbari words.


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