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Doctor Who Series 4 Episodes #10-11

The first episode is “Midnight”. The Doctor and Donna are visiting a resort world. Donna decides to stay behind while the Doctor goes out to see a famous waterfall. Things start out normally enough on the tour bus, including the Doctor shorting out the entertainment system as being too annoying. Everyone is chatting happily when en route the bus stops. They call for help, and the Doctor suggests that they raise the radiation shields to see what is going on outside. One of the passengers thinks they see something out there before the shields are lowered again. Then someone starts banging on the bus. The lights go out and when they are back on, they find the pilot’s area is now gone (with the pilot presumably dead) and one of the passengers seems to be possessed. She mimics at first everyone, making the passengers scared, but then she focuses exclusively on the Doctor. There comes a point where she says things first then the Doctor, making the others think the Doctor is possessed. They start thinking they should throw the Doctor out of the airlock. But then the stewardess realizes the passenger is repeating things the Doctor said at the beginning, she realizes the passenger is still possessed and throws herself and the passenger out of the airlock to save the others. It is a much subdued Doctor who is reunited later with Donna. Oh, and at one point we see Rose Tyler trying to get the Doctor’s attention on the screen in the bus. . .

The second episode is “Turn Left”.

In a market, Donna is attracted to a fortune teller. The fortune teller asks about how she met the Doctor. It turns out that there was one point where Donna wanted to turn left for the job at the corporation where she first met the Doctor in the events in “Runaway Bride”. Her mother wanted her to turn right to take a job at a local shop. The fortune teller persuades Donna to turn right. And a giant beetle attaches itself to Donna. The past is rewritten. Donna turns left. So the Doctor ends up killed in the events in “Runaway Bride”. Martha Jones and Sarah Jane Smith are killed on the moon during the events of “Smith and Jones”. The space luxury liner ends up crashing into London, devastating England in the events of “Voyage of the Damned”. The US ends up being the primary target of the little marshmallow-like aliens from “Partners in Crime”. Torchwood sacrifices themselves to save Earth from the poison gas in “Poison Sky”. After each of these events, things keep getting a little worse. Donna also meets Rose, who tells her how important she is and how she can change what has happened. Wilfred (Donna’s grandfather) notices the stars are going out. Donna agrees to go with Rose, who takes her to what remains of UNIT, who have taken apart the Tardis. Donna is shown the beetle on her and they use the technology from the Tardis to send her back in time. Donna must make herself turn left as she originally did, but can’t get there in time, so she steps in front of a truck, causing a traffic jam on the right of where the present day Donna is. This causes Donna to turn left. Rose goes to the other Donna and gives her a message from her for the Doctor. Back in the fortune teller’s tent, the beetle releases Donna and the fortune teller flees. The Doctor finds her and Donna gives him Rose’s message. Bad Wolf. The Doctor rushes back to the Tardis with Donna in tow.


Babylon 5 JMS Scripts – The Movies

Yep, we’ve already seen two versions of The Gathering and In the Beginning, but in this book we have the scripts for Thirdspace, The River of Souls, Legend of the Rangers, and Lost Tales. Yep, the only thing missing here is A Call to Arms, and that is as much if not more a product of Crusade. JMS talks about the look of Thirdspace, working with Martin Sheen on A River of Souls, Andreas Katsulas’s last ride as G’Kar in Legend of the Rangers, and why Lost Tales may be the last B5 thing made unless there is proper funding. The Lost Tales script includes the Garibaldi story which was originally planned for but never done. This book also includes photos, a short story written by JMS that was the inspiration for Lockley’s part of Lost Tales, and a few notes on what would have been a B5 theatrical movie about the Telepath War!