Babylon 5 JMS Scripts – The Movies

Yep, we’ve already seen two versions of The Gathering and In the Beginning, but in this book we have the scripts for Thirdspace, The River of Souls, Legend of the Rangers, and Lost Tales. Yep, the only thing missing here is A Call to Arms, and that is as much if not more a product of Crusade. JMS talks about the look of Thirdspace, working with Martin Sheen on A River of Souls, Andreas Katsulas’s last ride as G’Kar in Legend of the Rangers, and why Lost Tales may be the last B5 thing made unless there is proper funding. The Lost Tales script includes the Garibaldi story which was originally planned for but never done. This book also includes photos, a short story written by JMS that was the inspiration for Lockley’s part of Lost Tales, and a few notes on what would have been a B5 theatrical movie about the Telepath War!


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